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Feb 25, 2010 07:00 AM

Good place to celebrate a 40th birthday with the girls?

I need recs for places that would be a festive place to go with 4 to 6 people on a Tuesday night. Any place in the greater Boston area is fair game. It just has to have festive atmosphere, good food, fun drinks, and not be top-tier expensive. Suggestions?

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  1. I've been to birthday events at both Cuchi Cuchi (Cambridge) and 28 Degrees, and they both were really fun, had great drinks, and good food.

    Cuchi Cuchi can get expensive, as it's tapas-esque so you order a number of things, but they're in the $10-20 range, and the drinks are around $10. They have a "chicka chicka boom boom" table that has LEDs and is kind of fun, too.

    28 Degrees is especially fun in the warm weather because they have a nice patio. Inside there's a dance floor. There was a drag show the evening we went.

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      I thougth Cuchi Cuchi was way too expensive for what it was. I think 28 Degrees is a good suggestion for something that feels a little fabulous. I also love the environment righ next door at Masa. Something about the lighting makes it feel very homey. For an inexpensive weeknight celebration you could also do Giacomos in the South End. What ladies don't love to carbo-load, right?

    2. I'd add Scampo, Lucca, Prezza, Eastern Standard, Gaslight, Blue Room, Rendezvous, Gargoyles.

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        I was going to recommend Scampo too - but it does trend toward expensive - not sure what "top-tier expensive" is to you . . . I also like the Giacomos rec. above. If you go early, Coppa would be great - small plates so you can get a lot of variety, an unhurried atmosphere, and then you're in the South End so if you want to go for more drinks/dessert after, you're in a good spot. Coppa doesn't have a full bar (they do a fantastic job w/what they have, though). I don't know why I'm thinking Italian, but it tends to be a crowd pleaser.

        If you can swing the $ for Scampo, that's my top rec. - fun atmosphere, nice, more upscale room, great service, outstanding food, yummy cocktails and solid wine list. I did my 40th there and everyone had a great time and loved the food.


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          Delicious food and drinks at both Blue Room and Rendezvous, but neither are very "festive", especially not on a Tuesday night! I have been to both of those for birthdays, too.

          They are sedate and slightly old-folks, to be honest. Unless it's warm out and you can get on Blue Room's patio.

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            Yeah, you're probably right. Altho Blue Room tends to be fairly crowded most of the time and the bar at Rendezvous is kinda fun.

        2. Stella in the south end might fit the bill. Lively atmosphere, not too expensive, fun cocktails, good food.

          1. I second the Eastern Standard recommendation. With a lively atmosphere and extensive cocktail menu, you can't lose. Plus, it's pretty reasonably priced.

            1. Second Stella....really good food and will probably be somewhat busy for a Tuesday