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Feb 24, 2010 11:04 PM

Sunset Mag and pizza

Sunset had a nice little spread on SF pizza and we're heading up there from SD soon. We LOVE pizza and are originally from NJ/NY. What do you recommend? We'll be in the Wharf area but are willing to take public transportation to any great places or classic places or just some good places!

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  1. what are the places that Sunset magazine recommended?

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      1. re: nocharge

        My sloppy reading, never mind.

        It's a decent list. I didn't find anything exceptional about Picco but a lot of people like it. Pizzaiolo's atmosphere would be better if they didn't blast music so loud, but again, some people like that.

        1. re: wolfe

          No, sloppy reading: "Emilias, What to try: There's only one" clearly means they're only recommending one you should try, since the item also notes "If you must gild the lily, choose from the brief list of toppings."

    1. Sunset covers a few of the highly recommended places around here. The pizza question gets asked on this board at least once a week so there is a lot of info on this topic you can read up on to get the recos. Here is a more recent thread to get you started.

      1. Out of their list, I would think you'll be happiest at Gialina or Delfina. Maybe Flour + Water, but I would add Tommaso's, and Golden Boy. If you are a John's fan in NY (I'm not particularly) then try Gaspares, or maybe Giorgio's. Can't comment on the out of city offerings though.