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Feb 24, 2010 10:20 PM

Vegas on 400 dollars a day

Hello all,

My wife and I will be in Vegas from Saturday April 24th till Tuesday April 27th. We have set up a budget of $400 a day for all three meals and or snacks. Please help me pick out the best for this budget. Staying at the MGM. We will be enjoying bruch at the country club at the Wynn on Sunday.

Saturday we arrive around 3:00 pm and Tuesday we leave at 8:00 am. We are open to most types of food but would love to stay on the strip if possible!



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  1. That's a good budget! I can defintely recommend Le Cirque at the Bellagio after eating there tonight. The degustation menu was $125 per person which is only slightly more than the 3 course fixed price menu of $98, but soooo worth it. The food was divine and service excellent. Our total with wine and a pre dinner drink was something like $400, so maybe eat something cheaper for the other 2 meals that day! We also went to Jasmine - the Chinese restaurant in the Bellagio and it was excellent but quite expensive also.

    1. 'wichcraft - MGM Grand - is the baby brother of Craft, CraftSteak, etc., and offers great sandwiches at reasonable prices. If my memory serves me correctly though, it is right by the doors out to the pool area and doesn't have any great seating. Still, if you want to wander and eat I don't think you could go wrong. Also it's a great choice for lunch by the pool.

      Lagasse Stadium - Palazzo - If you can find it (downstairs near the Lamborghini dealership and Dal Toro), it's a fun stop for light food and drinks. Highly recommended are the Virgin Bloody Mary Soup (the grilled cheese sandwiches are made with yellow American), BBQ Shrimp and Creole Shrimp Salad Po'Boy.

      Many hotels on the strip have a Chinese restaurant that is always a little off the beaten track with almost exclusively Asian clientele. The menus usually feature typical Chinatown dishes like noodle soups and roasted meats. Of course, the prices are higher than in any Chinatown in the country ($10-15 for soups, $20+ for entrees/meats), but the quality is just about the same. It's a great option if you want to eat in your room as well.

      In-N-Out Burger - Yes, it's off the strip, but $40 will buy you the roundtrip cab ride (have the cab go through the drive-through) and the best burgers you'll ever have, plus fries and milkshakes. Of course, you might live in one of the lucky few states where you can get these delectable items anytime!

      Bouchon Bistro - Venezia Tower at the Venetian - Thomas Keller's outpost in Las Vegas, it's open for breakfast and dinner every day. Breakfast entrees are typically around $15-$20, dinner $15-$50. They also have a raw bar that is open from 3pm daily. The restaurant overlooks the pool deck of the Venezia tower so it is completely removed from the hustle and bustle and lights of the casino though it can get loud at dinner. I cannot recommend Bouchon highly enough. I am there at least once per day every time I go to Vegas.

      Petrossian - Bellagio - Open 24 hours a day, they serve excellent high-quality) drinks for reasonable (Vegas-reasonable) prices. They also do a wonderful afternoon tea from 2-5pm daily. Sure, it's girly, but the quality of the food is excellent and the price is very reasonable. I want to say that it is $30 per person for several sandwiches, pastries, tea and Champagne, but don't quote me on that.

      Fleur de Lys - Mandalay Bay - They offer a $65 three course tasting menu and have a Michelin star. I haven't been there in a couple years, but I thoroughly enjoyed it when I was last there and am pretty sure it's one of the best fine-dining values on the strip.

      Mix Lounge - THEHotel at Mandalay Bay - Go here for the view. It's on the 64th floor of the hotel and you ride up in a glass elevator. The lounge is surrounded with windows and that even extends to the bathrooms. It's a great experience, though a little pricey.

      Enoteca San Marco - Venetian - Where Bouchon is my second favorite restaurant in LV, ESM is #1 (I'm a die-hard Mario Batali fan so I am biased). Located in the "Piazza San Marco" of the Venetian's shopping mall, it cannot be beat for price and quality. First, wine (except sparkling) is served by the quartino, not by the glass, so you get a generous glass and a half for the same price. Second, the food is fantastic. The menu is almost identical to one of Batali's restaurants in NYC (Otto, my favorite restaurant in the whole world) and has a small-plates sort of philosophy. It is easy to be turned off by the menu if you are not already familiar with the items because it isn't the most clearly written document, but... the servers are all exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable about each item and will not steer you wrong once they get an idea of your particular tastes. Prices range from $7-$25. Items not to miss are the cheese plate, arancine, any of the pastas, prosciutto di Parma and the gelato.
      One word of advice should you go to ESM - don't look for pepperoni pizza, chicken parmigiana or baked ziti. They don't serve Italian-American food, they serve Italian food.

      In closing - because of the economy tons of restaurants are offering (sometimes unadvertised) prix fixe menus. Particularly on Sunday and Monday keep your eyes peeled for these options (if you see anything affordable at either of Robuchon's restaurants in the MGM Grand, go immediately).

      Another good idea is to visit the bars of the higher end restaurants. They're sometimes open earlier than the restaurants themselves and more accessible for ordering just an appetizer. It's not impossible (or improbable) for the best meals to be had at three or four different restaurants sampling the appetizers at each.

      Hope you have a great time! Looking forward to hearing your experiences.