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Feb 24, 2010 08:34 PM

Need a good place for a 21st birthday with vegan options!!!

Hey all.
My best friend is turning 21 and we wanna go out to a fun lively restaurant for dinner but are both vegan. I know of pretty much every vegan restaurant in La but most don't really have the fun 21st birthday vibe. So I need some places that have a great atmosphere with at least a couple of vegan options!!! Thanks bunches!

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  1. I'll give an array of ideas.

    Spago. The fine dining option. Outstanding food and service, but easy-going, spacious, and comfortable. Tell them beforehand that you want a vegan meal. Splurge and take your time--you won't regret it.
    The Edison. The fun option. Perhaps the coolest club in LA. There's enough vegan food (or food that can be made vegan) on the menu to fill you up.
    Wurstkuche. The Chow-ish option. A lively, youthful restaurant with a fantastic beer selection and decent wine selection. Three choices of vegan sausages--better than the meat sausages IMHO. The best french fries in LA with lots of dipping sauces.
    Elf in Silver Lake + bring your own wine + the wine bar across the street. The "alternative" option. Good food, cute and memorable little place. Vegetarian, not vegan.
    Real Food Daily in Santa Monica. The true vegan option. Probably the best vegan restaurant in LA.

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    1. How about the Bazaar? Fun and stylish atmosphere, make reservations for sure, and open late. Check out the menu here to see if there are enough vegan options.
      Also, I would call the restaurant the day or so before your visit to make a special request for a vegan options.

      At the other end of the cost and style spectrum, I think Fritto Misto in Santa Monica is lively and fun and has lots of good vegan options . OR, go to Little India in Artesia - Woodlands is good for vegan/vegetarian. Or Ethiopian - do an L.A. board search for options. I like Awash, but I think Rahel might be more vegan friendly.

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        rahel is more than just 'vegan friendlly,' everything they serve is vegan.

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          I love Rahel but don't know if its 21st birthday appropriate, you know what I mean. Haha. But Bazaar looks yummy.

        2. Thanks for everyone's help, we are going to go to Hugos Restaurant for cocktails and yummy food!

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