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Feb 24, 2010 08:13 PM

Chez Elle -- KC

I took my mom to lunch at Chez Elle this afternoon, and we enjoyed it! She had the Legume Crepe and a steamer, and I chose Le Franco with an americano. (Yes, I know, a little quirky.) Our drinks were hot and the espresso creamy. I should note that my drink was prepared more like a cafe au lait, which was a bit of a surprise, but welcome. Her crepe (which by the name I expected to contain beans, but it did not) was tasty despite the winter tomatoes. Mine was made with buckwheat batter, which is an option for an extra 75 cents, and loaded with brie, not too sweet apple slices and a generous amount of fig confit, sprinkled with toasted walnuts and drizzled with creme fraiche.

Service was efficient at the height of lunch rush, and food was served piping hot. I'm looking forward to going with more of an appetite so I have room for a dessert crepe. Our savory crepes were quite filling, perhaps because both included cheese. I'm loving the west side for all the good eats these days, and we decided that Chez Elle will be added to the rotation!

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  1. Sounds good we will have to try it, Haven't had good crapes in Kansas City since The Magic Pan closed many years ago.

    1. You know, I never went to the Magic Pan, isn't that a shame? Let me know what you think of Chez Elle when you go. I'd be interested on others' choices and their notes.

      I also wanted to mention, when I thought about it--about the americano. I remember now that I had tried ordering a decaf au lait, and they didn't have decaf drip. So, that's why my americano was so latte like. I don't want to give anyone the impression that the barista there is clueless or anything. My error.

      1. We liked it too. I had a chai and the chocolate crepe with chocolate mousse filling. I wish the mousse would have been a little more stiff as it was pretty runny, but still tasty nonetheless. We actually had just eaten breakfast at Los Alamos, and even though I was very full from my chile relleno, I still had to sample a crepe! My chai was very good- not sure what mix they use (or if they make their own) as it didn't taste familiar, but I liked it very much.

        1. amyzan: Thanks for the report.

          n.b. "legume" means vegetable, generally, en francais. Our more modern English usage has whittled it down to pulses, particularly.

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            Thanks, that explains it. I only had three weeks of French in high school!

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              I was at Fervere bakery last week to grab a loaf of their divine bread, and we ate lunch at Blue Bird Bistro. Is this place right around there? Seems like I saw an awning indicating it was in the vicinity. What a charming area!!

              Blue Bird Bistro
              1700 Summit, Kansas City, MO 64108

              1702 Summit St, Kansas City, MO

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                Right across the street from Fervere. I really need to check this place out, though crepes aren't a particular favorite of mine.

                1702 Summit St, Kansas City, MO

          2. Finally made it to Chez Elle.
            I enjoyed the #2 savory Tour Eiffel I think. Salmon, capers, cream cheese. yum yum
            it was very very busy. the line was long and it took awhile to place counter order. I don't think it was the cafe's fault as the customers in the line took FORVER to order and hemmed and hawed.Very tasty place!
            It's a little loud when busy, so sitting on the patio would be nice.

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              I've always loved their savory crepes. Particularly one called the 'formage and something or other' kids, college-age, love the place. My Mom, aged and hard of hearing, has an impossible time when we eat inside with her friends. They all said 'never again'....couldn't hear anything...and the patio has very uninviting metal furniture. But the food is excellent. Just catering to a spec demographic, I believe.