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Feb 24, 2010 07:35 PM

Rehearsal Dinner in Savannah, GA - need suggestions please

Looking for a fun place to host a rehearsal dinner in downtown Savannah, GA in April. Good food is a must, but cost is also a factor. Probably will have 40-50 people attending. I don't know the area and would welcome any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I had my wedding in Savannah in November and planned it from out of town. We had our reception at Garibaldi's- food was great and the space (upstairs) is amazing. They presented the Pink House as an option for the rehearsal dinner but since the food was so similar, we opted not to. We ended up having our rehearsal at Blowing Smoke BBQ because we wanted something more casual and different. The food was just OK so I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. However, their other restaurant is BMatthews which I think can hold a group your size and has much better food.

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        I would reccomend Pink House because they have expanded to have some more private rooms just for this sort of thing. Garibaldi's or Pink House, you can't go wrong. The good thing about Pink House is your party could stay at Planter's Inn which is right next door. It's a very nice place and as good a value as you'll find in the historic district

    1. Two suggestions--700 Drayton (the name is the address). Elegant, hotel setting. Funny story--when my grandmother died a few years ago we all met there for dinner after the viewing. We were in a private room and in the middle of dinner my aunt realized that it was the same room where my great-grandmother had been laid out when she died--700 Drayton used to be a funeral home. Made for funny dinner conversation!

      Westin Hotel--across the bridge, overlooks the river and River Street. Beautiful setting, very elegant. We've stayed there several times and have had excellent food and service each time.