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Feb 24, 2010 07:25 PM

A week in Ottawa

Boston Hound will be in Ottawa for about four days on business. Can anyone recommend a few places I shouldn't miss? I love Japanese, authentic Chinese, seafood and Italian. I'm looking for places that as a local you would take visitors to.

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  1. I'm not a local, but I've visited Ottawa several times, and I've brought first-time visitors to the places I'm recommending.

    For Canadian fresh market cuisine: Domus.
    For shawarma (the best in Ontario- maybe in Canada): Shawarma Palace.
    Unique to Ottawa: the Scone Witch (if you like scones).

    Another place that's unique to Ottawa, but I haven't had an opportunity to try (yet): Sweetgrass Bistro

    Seafood in Ottawa might be disappointing to a Boston Hound, since Ottawa is located so far from the ocean. That being said, I've enjoyed fish at Domus.

    There are some great tips & comments from Ottawa Hounds in the earlier thread that you started ;-)

    1. Given that you're from Boston, I'd skip trying to find decent seafood in Ottawa. Whalebone Oyster house is a notable choice if you really want fish/seafood.

      I haven't heard raves about any of the Japanese restaurants in Ottawa but Kiko just opened and I have heard several favorable reviews.

      Most people enjoy their meals at

      Sweetgrass, as mentioned above, gets good reviews.

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      1. re: salsailsa

        I have been to Ottawa twice in the past month or so and that experience combined with past visits leads me to agree with many of the above recommendations especially:

        The whalesbone - very small to so have a reso, owner Josh (?) is a good fellow;
        Murray Street for cheese and charcuterie
        Wellington Gastro Pub - outstanding - good hospitality, casual atmosphere but excellent food - definitely have Paul's (?) ...bad with names...tartare if it is on the menu and say hello to Shane;
        Domus - good food.

        I would also recommend:

        Play - small plates and vino from the owner and chef at Beckta;
        The Grand - basic Italian and thin crust pizza in a comfortable setting;
        Navarra - close to Murray Street, Sweetgrass

        1. re: Bob Mac

          I strongly second the rec on Play, and/or the mother-ship called Bekta.

        2. re: salsailsa

          I would give Whalesbone a miss. I've been there and the food is just average and not worth the 35$ a plate; other friends agree. They do have a good selection of oysters though. The restaurant itself is too small and crowded, too pretentious and has an undeserved reputation. You just can't get good seafood in Ottawa.