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Feb 24, 2010 07:15 PM

using long grain white rice vs aborio rice

HI everyone
I am making a recipe called zucchini torte. The grated zucchini and rice mixture is baked and cut into bite sized pieces (I am using it for a cocktail party). I made the recipe over the weekend, but I think I would prefer aborio rice instead of the long grain that the recipe suggests. The flavor was great, but I didnt like the consistency of the white rice...kind of mushy. I think the risotto rice would make it more like a "risotto square"...and the texture of the rice would give it more of a "bite". Have you ever tried to substitute aborio or canaroli rice instead of long grain? I was thinking of cooking it like a typical white rice....not by adding in a little liquid at a time like a risotto.
It is an amazing recipe filled with parm cheese, fresh mint and oregano...but I want to improve it!
thanks all!

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  1. I say go for it. I've cooked arborio rice in the same method as longer grain rices. It's not as creamy as with risotto method, but it definitely "works." In fact, I think the texture might be just right based on your description of the torte...

    1. Use arborio rice, it will be creamy without being mushy. It mixes better with Parmigiano and will be enough starch so that the rice will hold together for cutting. From your description, the recipe is Italian, therefore, I don't know why it calls for long grain rice.

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        I agree with you. I thought the recipe should have been called "risotto squares" . I will give it a go! Thanks!!!