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Feb 24, 2010 05:35 PM

Brussels Sprouts


My husband is not an adventurous eater.After 17 yrs I am still trying.

I have managed to make a dent.Usually by making it more appealing knowing his weaknesses for other foods.For example I made an asparagus casserole with cheese and he started liking asparagus.I made stuffed mushrooms using crab and he liked mushrooms all of the sudden! :-)..etc

When it comes to brussels sprouts I usually just make some for me when I get a hankering for them,but because it is only myself eating them I usually just steam them and add butter,salt+pepper.He isn't interested,never liked them.

I just found sprouts on sale for $1.30 lb. Can you think of a recipe that might make him want to start eating brussell sprouts? It is one of my fav vegs when fresh.


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  1. If you toss the sprouts in olive oil and sea salt and roast them 'til the outer leaves brown, they taste pretty good. You can also shred and stir-fry them with garlic and a little lemon juice. Steaming them brings out their cabbage-ness, and many people are anti-cabbage.

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      I convert more non-believers with roasted brussels. Metal pan (not glass). 400 degrees. a few pats of butter per pound of brussels max. Take an additional step though: cut them in half, chop the bottoms, and peel off the first few layers. It's a labor of love, but this takes out the cabbagey-flavors.

      1. re: kaysyrahsyrah

        +1 for roasted brussels! Crispy on the outside and soft/almost creamy on the inside. I wouldn't cut them in half, use small ones, do remove the outer leaves, trim the stem and cut a shallow "X" at the stem base to assist in thorough cooking. I just use olive oil, salt and pepper. mmmmmmmm..........

        For best texture, eat as soon as you can from out of the oven.

        1. re: CocoaNut

          +2 for roasting, though I cut in half unless small. Sometimes add garlic, too, as I do to everything. Converted my husband to the point where he chose them over green beans for my contribution to Thanksgiving this year. Though, honestly, it's not saying much, as he's really not a fan of green beans!

        2. re: kaysyrahsyrah

          Man, that metal pan is critical! I've learned the hard way while trying to show others how amazing they can be, at their houses with only glass. At home it's metal all the way. Bottoms trimmed, sliced in half, drizzle the whole mess with a little (not a lot) of olive oil, and the heavy pinches of salt and pepper and in at 425 for 10-15!

          1. re: marcreichman

            Ha, wish I had used a metal pan for my roasted fish on potatoes and onions last night. Cooked forever in a ceramic dish to get some browning before placing the fish on top, and finally gave up. The dish was still good, but I was going for some carmelized onions/browned potatoes and it wasn't happening.

            I'll use metal with the sprouts...learned my lesson.

          2. re: kaysyrahsyrah

            Another one for roasted Brussels sprouts. We'd been married over 20 years with spouse not eating them until the first time I roasted them. Now he is a huge fan whenever I make them that way. Metal pan. Toss with olive oil, and a little salt and pepper. I remove the outer leaves and trim the stem when prepping them. Delish!

            1. re: decolady

              Finish off roasted sprouts with grated Parmesan and a good squeeze of lemon. When I feel like it, I add a little drizzle of maple syrup when roasting. They're also good acidic with big squeeze of lime and pistachios.

            1. re: StheJ

              I agree.

              Brown up some bacon, remove the bacon from the pan and sautu your sprouts in the rendered bacon fat. Put the bacon back in the pan right before you serve.


              1. re: jpc8015

                I prefer bacon and blue cheese on my Barbie Cabbage.

                  1. re: southernitalian

                    Barbie Cabbage!!! My hubby didn't get it, though....ha.

                  2. re: jpc8015

                    Ditto on the bacon. I'd also add some shallots to the mix.

                  3. re: StheJ

                    Yes! jpc8015's recipe is very much like what a favorite restaurant does with sprouts, and I've started to do now and then. You wouldn't recognize the sprouts.

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                      Yes, bacon. I'll do diced pancetta. I halve my sprouts and pan roast them with bacon drippings and butter. Add a little minced garlic and the bacon back to the pan when just about finished. YUM. My husband also thought he hated brussel sprouts, now, he'll pretty much eat them any way! Yay.

                    2. one of my faves too. my husband tolerates them when i don't make them too often. or i make them for me and something else as well.

                      small h and StheJ are right. roast and add bacon ;-) when i roast them i blanch them first. then olive oil, a bit of bacon fat, sea salt and pepper and into the oven until caramelized and fork tender. crumble bacon when they're done. it can also help to make a medley with a sweeter veg like carrots or butternut squash.

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                      1. re: appycamper

                        Yes,Bacon! His love of bacon will definately help.

                        I am assuming that I should cook a few pieces of bacon and toss the sprouts in the oil/bacon drippings,with seasoning, then roast til tender.Sounds delish.I might add a bit of garlic.

                        What temp do you reccomend?

                        1. re: Robinez

                          I would saute the bacon for about 5/7 minutes and put it off to the side covered, then pour some or all of the fat into a roasting pan with the sprouts and some crushed garlic cloves (maybe 3 or 4 or 5 cloves depending), salt and pepper (you could also throw in some white wine or chicken stock if you want) and then roast for 30 minutes at 350 before adding the bacon to the pan and cooking until the bacon is done and the sprouts are tender/browned, maybe another 15 minutes...

                          1. re: Robinez

                            woo hoo! always happy to find fellow sprout lovers. yes just blanche in boiling water. shock in ice water. drain and pat dry. toss in the oil and a tablespoon or two of the bacon grease. hold the cooked bacon to crumble over them when they're done.

                            single layer on the pan. 375 to 400 degree oven.

                          2. re: appycamper

                            Just wanted to thank everyone.

                            I went with appycamper's recipe.Yummy.

                            Also,thanks a bunch for the tip concerning the metal pan! I was prepared to use a glass baking dish until I saw the post(s).

                            They tasted wonderful.Thanks again.I grabbed one with a fork right out of the oven and probably could have kept doing that if they weren't needed for supper :-)


                            1. re: Robinez

                              glad you liked! and did dear husband venture to try or are all brussels sprouts yours?

                          3. I have two favourite recipes for Brussel sprouts and each one is a little bit sinful.

                            The first is this: - I've turned more than one brussel-hater onto them with this recipe. I think it's the butter.

                            The other sure-fire way to get anybody to eat them is to toss them in a bit of olive oil, salt, pepper and maple syrup and then roast. The sweetness of the maple syrup and the bitterness of the sprouts make for a perfect match.

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                            1. re: montrealwaitress

                              Agreed about the BS's and the maple syrup. A local chef turned me on to this "winning combination" and my whole family is a fan. Of course, we add bacon too. :-)