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Feb 24, 2010 05:21 PM

Eateries very near the Burbank airport?

I know there is an enclave of chain restaurants nearby, but is there anything good very nearby. I will be staying at the hotel across fromt he airport sans car. Is the Mattel cafeteria still open to the public? How close is Taste of Chicago?

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  1. Taste of Chicago is a bit of a distance from the airport. If you don't mind walking about 20 minutes, you could walk down Hollywood Way to Magnolia Blvd where there's Porto's Bakery and a few other places in the area. Another 10 minutes down Hollywood Way and you'll hit Taste of Chicago... and then you have a 30 minute walk back to contemplate what a waste of time it was to walk that far for what Taste of Chicago offers:) Let the flaming begin!!

    1. Taste Chicago is less than a ten minute ride on the cityBus that stops across from the hotel. Porto's Cuban is about the same hop skip and jump, or get off on Magnolia and walk a few blocks east to Tony's Bella Vista (Italian).
      Gary Bric's is just a few minutes NORTH of your hotel on that same bus line, the 222.
      Also, you could do a lot worse than The Daily Grill which is the hotel's restaurant tenant.

      1. For one of the finest cheeseburgers this side of the 405 is Chezz Burger inside Burbank Airport in the Southwest Terminal. Good stuff, not to be missed if you're flying out of that Terminal.

        1. Porto's is 10 minutes down the road at Magnolia and Hollywood Way.
          My SO loves the pastrami sammys.

          1. For what I would call down to earth American food you could give Gary Bric's Ramp a try.

            Gary Bric's Ramp
            7730 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505