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Feb 24, 2010 04:53 PM

Wedding gift - Brooklyn restaurant gift certificate

Hi all.

I'd love to get two friends a great meal as a wedding present. They know & enjoy The Good Fork - I'm looking for a great alternative. Relative facts: they eat everything, preference for locavore. One of them used to be a professional chef. Live near Park Slope, but they have car, will travel for wonderful meal. (C & D, if you're reading this, feel free to chime in.)

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  1. Park Slope: Applewood (locavore, a bit pricey - so it might be viewed as a special occasion meal)
    Near PS - Carroll Gardens: Buttermilk Channel (nearby, locavore, a personal favorite of mine - just bought my brother a gift cert for his b'day, so I know that they exist!)
    Willing to travel - Ditmas Park: Farm on Adderley (slightly out of the way, charming locavore restaurant that they might not get to very often)

    Just a couple options... What'd I miss?

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    1. I've had some wonderful meals at Rosewater and it is locavore, located in Park Slope. Al Di La, is a fantastic restaurant, but not locavore, and also conveniently located in Park Slope.

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        Thanks. Anyone have any thoughts about the above vs Locanda Vini e Olii?

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          I could be wrong, but I don't think LVO is particularly locavore in its approach and it is somewhat more expensive, almost as much as the Grocery or Saul. That said, I think it would be very special. There is no place like it in NY (it's a converted old-style pharmacy and the food is unusual and very good. It would be a nice gift for someone who had never eaten there before.

      2. For me, the places that comes to mind for a "special night out" are:

        Locanda Vini & Olii

        There are others with just as good a food, but they tend to be a little less expensive and/or a little more boisterous -- either of which take away from making it a special night.


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          Thanks. Flashlight Worthy is fun, too. :-)

        2. I'll second Farm on Adderley. Their food is amazing.

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            Another option: you could get them a certificate to Stinky, a cheese and provisions store. I think it's good at their wine shop Smith and Vine too. I bet your chef friend would have fun with that certificate!

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              I am so going to check out a store called "Stinky." Thanks for the tip!

          2. We went to Stinky & ate at Rosewater last night - we got the tasting menu, feeling that one should fully explore a place before buying someone else a gift certificate - it was wonderful. Thanks to all of you for your thoughts - we look forward to meals at some of the other suggestions in the not too distant future.