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Help! Fundraising Nightmare! Cooking for High School kids!

My sister is raising money for the clubs at her high school. One girl from each club is picked to cook and raise money. Well she was picked and it seems like all the quick, good ideas are taken. Here is a list of what is already taken:

-Baked Potatos
-Funnel Cakes
-Chopped Beef Sandwiches

It has to be something teenagers will like because they are selling during the Lunch hours at the high school. Any Ideas would be great! Thanks, Megan

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  1. How about doing different baked goods? Like brownies, cookies and candies. All this can be made ahead of time and packaged easily. And hopefully she will be able to get the rest of the club to help her too.

    1. Kids LOVE food on a stick!
      Satay-easy and tasty
      Asian Beef on a stick
      cheese on a stick
      meatballs on a stick
      choco covered banana on a stick
      whatever you can imagine on a stick!

      1. in keeping with monavano's stick theme, how about chocolate-dipped pretzel rods? there are tons of ways to decorate/garnish them - sprinkles, chopped nuts, crushed cookies, miniature candies...and you can also vary the chocolate - milk base with white drizzle, white base with dark drizzle, etc.

        and i know someone is already doing the chopped beef sandwiches, but you can also do sliders with other meat like turkey or chicken.

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          +1 for the dipped pretzels...I used to contract them in a coffee shop where I live and they sold very well.

          Also, consider, chicken tenders with a variety of sauces, and if you have access to a fryer, french fries with sauces and beignets (fried doughnuts) which are very easy and super inexpensive (flour, sugar, yeast, water) to make and they fry up in about a minute. They can be dusted with different sugars or icings, i.e, powdered, cocoa & espresso, powdered sugar & chili powder, any type of icing can be used to drizzle over the top. Sold these in a fair once and again, a hit.

        2. eggrolls
          chocolate (white, dark, milk) dipped fruit (fresh and dried)
          different flavored popcorns
          different flavored nuts
          would bahn mi or soup in bread bowls be too complicated?

          1. Are you looking for an idea for a quick meal, or snack, or dessert...? Do you plan on making it at the school?

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              Yes it has to be made at the school in the ca feteria that is out difficulty. and it can be any of those

            2. Spaghetti and meatballs.

              1. Depends on what facilities she'll have access to and her budget

                Pretzels, sundays, baked goods, brownie sundays, gyros, falafel, pizza, popcorn (flavored), candied/caramel apples.

                1. pulled pork sandwiches! EZ to do the pulled pork and cheap.

                  1. Back to the "on a stick theme" (which is a great idea, as most people will eat just about anything on a stick)
                    Sausage on a stick
                    Corn dogs (need mustard for that)
                    Large whole pickles on a stick
                    Even Paula Deen has her Velveeta fudge dipped in chocolate that is on a stick!

                    These can be presented in tall clear glasses or containers:
                    A variety of Fruit chunks on a skewer
                    Cheese and fruit, garnished with mint on a skewer
                    Mozz, squares, basil and grape tomatoes on a skewer

                    Also you could consider ground beef tacos with soft tortillas or hard shells. Keep it simple and just offer cheese as a topping.
                    Pot of spaghetti, or a spaghetti bake that can be cut in squares

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                      I really think pizza would sell if you could figure out a way to make a bunch of them. What about meatball subs? Milkshakes? Ice cream cones, softserve? Kids love chicken fingers. I have a super picky nephew and I make him chicken fingers using crushed Nacho Cheese Doritos as the breading.

                      Cookies frosted with the school colors?

                      Oo! Oo! Kids love lasagna!

                      You can get those giant bags of mini corn dogs at a restaurant supply store. you could serve several in a paper cone.

                      Mini doughnuts like at the fair! You could sprinkle them with cinnamon and colored sugar--the school colors again.

                      I think it's good to keep in mind how narrow the palettes of most teenagers are.

                    2. What a fun challenge. I see you're from Texas and I'm guessing from that list you're in SE Texas, with those Cajun offerings. And that chopped beef is bbq, right?

                      How about Red beans 'n rice with sausage? Jambalaya? (Maybe that one is too complicated).

                      Things we used to do as fundraisers - all after hours, so people had to come back to the school to participate - bake sales, pancake suppers, chili suppers, spaghetti suppers, fish fries.

                      What - no hot dogs? Just a couple of simple topping options.

                      How bout build your own burger - in my limited experience, high schoolers like Fuddruckers because they can make their own wierd combinations of toppings.

                      I agree lasagna and pizza should be on the list as well as spaghetti. How about chicken spaghetti or Tex-Mex chili spaghetti. Or one-up the group doing chili with chili pie.

                      Tamale pie?

                      So you're having to use the school kitchen but I'm guessing you don't have to use the school pantry, you can bring in supplies from outside?

                      1. Popcorn. She could pop a huge batch & offer various flavorings or mix it with m&m's or other sweets. Put it in a gab & it's good to go.

                        Trail Mix with dried fruit, choc chips, nuts, grains, pretzels, etc... Most of the stuff can be bought in bulk so it makes it more cost effective.

                        Drinks. Punch, hot chocolate, apple cider, lemonade...I mix ginger ale with strawberry margartia mix or mango mojito mix & the kids love it.

                        1. Burritos
                          Chicken, Beef, Bean & Cheese

                          Chicken, Beef, Bean & Cheese

                          Salad bar with all the options and garlic bread
                          lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, chicken cubes, ham cubes, crumbled bacon, sunflower seeds, diced hard cooked egg, carrot sticks,

                          1000 Island, Honey Mustard, Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Italian Dressings\

                          pre-made submarine sandwiches

                          1. I teach at a high school in the Midwest, and I agree with the pizza suggestions. Each day our cafeteria sells out of pizza before the last lunch period is over no matter what the other menu offerings are.

                            Popcorn and chocolate-covered pretzels will probably go over well.

                            In my experience, puppy chow is also a winner among high school students. If you aren't familiar with the recipe, it's all over the web. It's essentially Chex cereal drowned in chocolate and peanut butter and covered with powdered sugar. We sold it out of the school library at Christmas as part of a fundraiser, and you would have thought they had an addiction the way we went through it. Actually, you might consider a variety of bagged popcorn with mix-ins, as jcattles suggested, chocolate-covered pretzels, and puppy chow.

                            1. Thanks so much everyone! The suggestions were great now I have a list of great ideas my sister can use!

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                                Smoothies and milkshakes are a good idea -- you can pre-prep everything, and have a lot of options/ingredients. And, you can charge a fair amount for something small.

                                A few girls with a couple borrowed blenders each can get a long line of people moving quickly. Plus its a fun thing to do.. reaching over each other grabbing ingredients, etc. Lots of options to choose from so people get excited.. the options/ingredients board serves as the big advertisement.

                                All you basically need is prepared fruit, yogurt and juice (maybe ice) -- milk, ice cream, and candy/syrup ingredients. And a sink to quickly rinse the blenders in.

                              2. What cooking equipment is the cafeteria going to let her use? If there is a fryer, she can be the most popular girl on campus with either

                                Loaded Fries (same as a baked potato but with fries, sour cream, sh. cheese, crumbled bacon and minced green onions). With good buying and judicious portion control she can run a 20% food cost, meaning a profit of 80% after expenses.

                                Carne Asada Fries (carne asada, cheese sauce, sh. cheese, guac and sour cream). This should run about 35% food cost, meaning a profit of 65% after expenses.

                                1. in case dessert if desirable, Rice Krispie Treats are always really popular.

                                  often popular with teenage girls are baked potatoes... really cheap and easy to offer a toppings bar.

                                  burritos would be easy too.