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Feb 24, 2010 03:30 PM

Nota Bene vs Le Select Bistro Toronto

Hello fellow Chowhounds,

We are sending a couple for a pre-theatre dinner. Which is the better value/better food - Nota Bene or Le Select Bistro? Both menus look great, both are within walking distance (Princess of Wales). I've read hear that Nota Bene is wonderful, and I've read some good reviews about Le Select.


Thanks all!

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    1. Nota Bene for sure. If some version of the Yucatan hot and sour soup is on the menu, definitely go for that.

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      1. re: Dr. John

        I love many types of Mexican food, and I like a good hot & sour soup, but Yuckatan hot & sour soup is how I would have described the soup I was served at NB ;-) Maybe it's a "love it or not so much" kind of soup!

        That being said, I do like the burger, and any dessert I've ordered at NB.

      2. I'm a fan of Le Select, but in this case I'd also be inclined to vote for Nota Bene.

        Le Select is nicely executed, classic French bistro food (with a very good wine list). But Nota Bene is a more interesting, innovative and occasion-worthy destination. And it's closer to the theatre.

        1. Definitely Nota Bene. Le Select is your standard French bistro that you can have in most major cities. Nota Bene is more innovative and offers a better overall dining experience.

          Crisp Duck Salad is fabulous there!


          1. le select uses the same sauce for a couple of their dishes... so i think the more interesting option is definitely nota bene.