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Feb 24, 2010 03:02 PM

Thai Boom or Ayara Thai - Which is Better?

Or is there anything better than these on the Westside?

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  1. I swear by Thai Boom. (I'm going to get a lot of s#!t for this but....) So much so that I had trouble finding better food when I was IN Thailand this past winter!! IMO, its just THAT damn good.

    1. I work in Westchester, and while I think Ayara Thai is good, I actually like Thai Talay on Lincoln much better. Nicer atmosphere, great presentation and really tasty, fresh food. I've only eaten lunch there, not dinner. Haven't tried Thai Boom yet, will have to do that.

      Thai Talay
      8411 Lincoln Blvd
      (just north of Manchester, west side of the street, across from Bristol Farms)

      1. I think Thai Boom is horrible. Everything I order from there has no flavor.

        1. depends on what dishes you order.
          imho, the pad thai and all the noodle dishes at ayara are superior.
          the prik pao and the salads, though, to me, are better at thai boom.

          if you want ambiance, ayara is better
          for pricing thai boom is better.
          for parking ayara is better.

          i rotate between the two.

          1. Thai Boom is awful. Tried it for lunch three or four times.

            Tried Ayara once. Unremarkable, won't be back again.

            There is no good thai food on the west side; thai folks are allergic to the ocean air apparently.

            Wirin Thai, House of Thai Taste, and Siamese Garden are the last three I'll try on the west side...and then I'm officially only eating at Sri Siam, Jitlada and Ruen Pair.