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Feb 24, 2010 02:46 PM

The Meatball Shop - recommendations?

Heading there tomorrow - picks and pans appreciated.

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  1. Get the sliders so you can have a mixture of the different balls. My personal favorite was the Pork in a Mushroom sauce. The slider bread is fresh and toasted. It's great!

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    1. re: aarong79

      Do you recall the size?

      Pictures suggest they're just larger than Swedish sized, which makes me wonder if the sliders are 2-bite size hors d'oeuvres?

      1. re: sugartoof

        sugartoof: your guess is right, the sliders are on the small side - but slightly larger than 2 bite size - maybe 3~4 bites?

        on my recent visit, I had three sliders: beef w/ spicy meat sauce, lamb (special) with mushroom sauce, chicken w/ parm. cheese. All of them were very tasty, with great texture. I wish if they had give me more sauce with the mushroom sauce - but that is a minor complaint. The ice cream sandwich was decent, but nothing extraordinary.

        I saw many others ordering heros with side of simple salad. Judging from what you get for the same price, I think heros are better option once you know what you want for the particular meal - more bread, more meat. and you get cheese on top.

        All in all it was a good dining experience, the owners have invested enough in decor of the restaurant - for a casual dining establishment - it was functional, comfortable and welcoming. The staff was attentive and well trained, and nice. The open kitchen was fun to observe, and the kitchen staff was working hard but in a relaxed yet professional manner.

        Depending on one's budget, it can be a bit pricey option for solo lunch, i think the best way to go is to go in a not-too-large group (4?) and share bunch of sides and some wine. I do like that they are open late, it may be a good destination for post-drinking grub in LES and an cheaper alternative to 'inoteca.