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Feb 24, 2010 02:32 PM

thai spice, poughkeepsie

just updating - they've got some specials which are quite good. i've had the salmon papaya salad and crab salad, both of which tasted delicious and have (relative to their other dishes) kick! it's now sripraphai good, but it's really impressive for somewhere out of the city.

they also have a mee krob which i must try...thai curry dumplings...but what i really want to get is durian with mint jelly in their dessert section.

vassar area's turning out some good stuff lately; twisted soul, thai spice...

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  1. Agreed! The area has some really interesting eateries now. Thai Spice has some authentic dishes on their menu. Have you tried the other Thai place in Fishkill village??

    1. i think i should give thai spice another shot. i wasn't too impressed with their chicken pad thai or pad see yue...when you say "sripraphai good", that's quite a compliment.

      i'm surprised that they have durian w/mint jelly. durian is definitely an acquired taste...tried the ice cream once and the smell was intense.

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      1. re: applesauce23

        i'm sorry! i mistyped. i meant:

        "it's NOT sripraphai good, but really impressive for somewhere out of the city..."

        please, don't think the salads are anywhere near as good. but i really liked the flavors.

        moose - nope, haven't gotten to try the thai in fishkill. i want to try the puerto rican place first down there; i used to go to babalu bob's when i was in the area, which is now gone...

        and from another post, applesauce - thanks for the website update on t.s.!

        1. re: bob gaj

          lol...oh, ok. i'll give it another shot anyway. i just got back from lunch at aroi in rhinebeck. i really like their pad thai and spring rolls...always tasty and consistent.

          btw, i'm not sure if you're referring to cabana, but they closed about a month or two ago.