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Feb 24, 2010 02:31 PM

in cabo searching for the best tacos

whats better for carne taqueria los paisas or gordo leles? how about pepes tacos,taco cantina ortacos marissa. For fish i like Gardenia and for carnitas i like michocoan any thoughts Used to be a place about 15 blocks behind squid roe a man and his wife set up each evening and made great beef tacos but cant remember name and if its still there

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  1. Clearly, you know your way around. .Michoacano has great carnitas. El Paisos is great but unless they've changed (missed them this trip) but it's only potatoes and carne asada..great! Gordo Lele's has a more varied menu...beef is better quality but the hours are "flexible." El Paisa has gone a little upscale...cement instead of dirt floors::)

    If you go to th Supermacado downtown and walk past El Pescador..behind Squid Roe, there are 3 great places. Birria 7-11AM,..birria, tongue. Los Claros..seafood tacocs...ownership change last year and a snip below Gardenia's, and next door is alittle place with no name...but an older woman cooks a diiferent dish each day...mole, chili relennos. Everything is great.

    1 block S, September/Moreles...Tacos el Condor....tacos el Pastor..pork cooked with a pineapple on top and sliced thin..also goat...worth a trip..outside Toro Brava.

    I've posted a lot of photos on my Flickr site linked to my profile.

    Enjoy and updates are always appreciated

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      Thanks will definately check out these places and give an update. Appreciate the info!

    2. I'm guessing that the place 15 blocks in (across the diagonal street from a Pemex station) was El Guero German, and his wife Isabel which were the best Los Mochis style carne asada and carne adobada, tripe, and bean tacos in town. They also stayed open until 4 or 5 am. They had to move up the street across from the track a couple years ago and haven't opened since before Christmas, due to other work that they have. So, for the time being the next best tacos are definitely Marissa's (a half block in from where Telmex used to be). The only downside is, they close between midnight and 1 am. On a side note, I thought Los Claros was really, really poor on all accounts the one time I went.

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        That is the spot! Thanks and I will try all the listed locations and anything else I find and post back.

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          What about Gordo Lele's? We tried those on our recent trip and thought we had gone to Heaven! The BEST tacos I have had in Cabo and live music by the owner! Gordo's is about two blocks north off the main drag behind the Giggling Marlin. Four of us ate until we were stuffed for $80 pesos.

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            any updates on the cabo taco scene

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              just ate at Tacos Gardenias yesterday. both the shrimp and the fish tacos were stellar. also, the special shrimp pot is wicked good. they were cash only and close at 5pm and located about a block behind the McD's with parking lots on either side of the bldg.

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                you have found the place!!!
                never had a bad thing thee