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Feb 24, 2010 01:35 PM

WSJ - Clean The Frig

Weirdly interesting article about how people don't clean their refrigerators, manufacturers trying to compensate for this in design, and frig model "instructions" for all of us dopes who don't know what to put where. :)

[I do hope the link works since I know the Journal is a paid thing.



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  1. What an... interesting article.
    After years of living in really crappy rentals -- with old and cheap refrigerators -- I finally moved into a place with a brand new, big, fabulous one. I'm am AMAZED at how much longer everything, from dairy to veggies, are staying fresh. I love actually having crispers, cheese drawers, etc -- and I can't imagine that people do'nt know how to use them, as the article states. Weird.

    1. My last rental had an old fridge with a freezer that needed defrosting. That kind of forced me to clean it on a regular basis once the freezer got too small to fit anything. But I can't imagine that everyone in the building that had one of the old fridges knew they had to do that.

      My latest apt came with a new fridge. And while over and over we hear don't put eggs in the door, the fridge makers still put egg storage in the door. I just can't fathom not organizing my fridge every week or so when I get groceries. How would you rotate so the oldest stuff is used first?

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        I'm in a rental as well. But a few years ago we got a new frig -- it was nice to start fresh. And I am totally with you about organizing when you get groceries. How else to find things? Or use up something old before opening the new one? etc. etc. But I suppose "organized" isn't the same as "clean" since I am guilty as one of those people who only scrub the whole thing down a couple of times a year.

      2. At least once a month, my mother pulls everything out of her fridge, scrubs the inside with watered down bleach, pulls the fridge out from the wall and cleans the top, vacuums the back and scrubs the floor underneath it, checks all of the expiration dates and disposes of anything out of date. Me, not so much.

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        1. re: southernitalian

          Wow. I reorganize mine frequently, but the empty out, etc that's on an as needed basis (and the veggie drawers get washed more regularly than the rest of the fridge). If you are careful that things aren't leaking and are wrapped and clean when they go in, how dirty is the fridge going to get?

          1. re: southernitalian

            WOW. That's amazing. My fridge (in my tiny condo) is so wedged into its little corner that it'd take a mule team and a bucket of axle grease to get it out. God help us when I finally get around to replacing that floor...

          2. The original comment has been removed