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Feb 24, 2010 01:08 PM

Lookin for cheap eats, daily specils, etc in new orleans area

i am recently new to the area and im trying to experience all the great restaurants new orleans has to offer. what im curious about is if there are any good daily specials, deals, happy hours, all you can eats, etc that im not aware of!! let me know im always trying to get the most for my money, any and all comments will be appreciated! im not partial, i like everything!

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  1. Mila has a three course lunch for $20. I believe Palace Cafe and Bacco have similar specials but someone will have to confirm that.

    1. August: lunch 3 courses $20
      Emeril's: lunch 3 courses $20
      Mat and Naddies: lunch buffet $10
      Cuvee: lunch 3 courses $25
      Liuzza by the trACK: 1/2 POBOY + cup soup around $10
      Luke: daily happy hour 3-6, 25 cent local oyster, 1/2 price libations

      Just a few off the top of my head. Check the ads in Gambit and Where Y'at for more.

      1. Bacco's has a 2-course lunch for $15, as does Luke.

        1. Red Maple (Gretna):
          Monday night: AYCE king crab - $24.95
          Thursday night: raw oysters - .25 and char grilled oysters - .50

          Le Bon Temps Roule:
          Friday night: Free oysters

          Also you can get some great coupons on

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            AYCE king crab! been meaning to get some since i heard about similar deals in the Mississippi casino's... what's Red Maple like? lots of seafood on their menu.. have you had the "Red Fish Pontchartrain"?

            1. re: kibbles

              I used to go to Red Maple a looooooooooooooooooooooong time ago and then hadn't been again in probably 15 years. But now I live pretty close by and I love their specials. So it's been a regular girl's night to sit in the bar on Thursday and eat the oysters. Then we heard about the king crab and went for the first time this past Monday. They were some of the best I've ever had and they were HUGE. I haven't been there for a regular meal I said...probably 15 years. But one night when we were having the oysters, one of the girls ordered the lobster ravioli and I tasted it and really good.

              I love the atmosphere of the place too.

                1. re: nikinik

                  btw, my friends and i have been hitting the crab special every couple of months now! the servers are great and usually have our table ready before we get there, awesome. the presence of king crab depends on seasonal availability, havent seen it lately there. also, they moved it to Tuesday nites for the summer. not sure when its switching back.

            2. You can have a two course lunch plus two martinis at Commander's Palace for under $20. (soup + entree combos are often between $16 and $19, plus they some martinis are 25c at lunch) Best deal anywhere.