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Seafood/Steakhouses - Monmouth County

I will be celebrating an anniversary and am looking for a good quality/nice ambience restaurant that specializes in seafood/steaks. I am looking for something outside of the Asbury Park/Neptune area...willing to drive a distance if needed.

I was considering Doris & Ed's - which I have never been to - any thoughts or suggestions?

Thank you!

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  1. Can't really think of a place that does both well...mainly because if I'm at a seafood joint, i'm not getting steak, and vice versa.

    Manhattan steakhouse might have decent seafood though.

    1. Definately go to Shipwreck Grill in Brielle. Anything the place makes is fantastic. If you do a search here, you will see how many people simple love the place.

      Definately a great place for an anniversary.


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        I second the Shipwreck! Great place.

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                I agree that the Shipwreck is a great spot for fish. They have even improved their bar service over the past year or so. (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/508629) I have, however, never had a steak there.

                I recently had a very good steak at the Mahogany Grill where I was quite impressed with the wine list.

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                  My only words of advice regarding Shipwreck (we've been many times: the wine list is great but the prices are quite high, and I think they're at their best in the offseason. If you can get a table in summer, the kitchen seems to cut too many corners, the service is rushed and spotty and the seasonal help really shouldn't be in a place like that.

                  Re. Mahogany Grill: We loved the bar atmosphere, but wasn't overly impressed with the quality of the food compared to Shipwreck.

      2. I adore Doris and Ed's, but I haven't been since the new chef took over.

        1. We like Mike and Nellie's in Middletown(Eaton town) for steak. Their seafood is good too, but it is our go to place for steak.

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            I am in the minority here on the board in that I still enjoy Doris & Ed's very much. I wouldn't rule them out at all.

            Having said that, I also like Shipwreck Grill a lot, but I've never had a steak there.

            Both places are very near the water, but I might give the romantic atmosphere nod to D & E's.

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              I've never had a meal I didn't thoroughly enjoy at Doris & Ed's, but as I said I just haven't been there in nearly 2 years, I think.

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              Charmel, this is right around the corner from us - always curious about the place. We will have to give it a try sometime. Thank you.

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                I second Mike and Nellies in Ocean Township. The veal francaise is sooo good. the steaks are very pricy, I seem to remember something like $39.

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                  Is $39 very pricey for a top quality steak? Maybe for OT. If so, what is the right price?
                  I guess a lot depends on size and cut of meat.

              2. Well, Doris & Ed's is closed until March 12th - anniversary is the 5th, so that is not an option, at least on this day. :(

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                  Dannan- We always go to Mike and Nellie's on a Sat night. The owner, Mike Farber is always the chef on Sat nights and the steaks are always unbelievable- we have had the strip and the rib. We love their house salad too---very different---lots of "stuff" in it. A large house salad can easily serve six people. We went once during the week and an alternate chef was on that night (weeknights are quiet I guess) and we were disappointed. The steaks were not cooked properly and we had to keep sending them back. Just make sure you go on a night where the owner is grilling the steaks and it should be a home run.

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                    charmel - I pass by Mike and Nellie's all the time and for some reason we have never had occassion to dine there. To be honest however, the fact that one has to wait until the owner is present to be afforded a good meal is troubling. An owner should be looking to serve a uniformly excellent meal at all times. If the owner can not be present he/she must make sure to hire competent staff and not permit a drop off. Sorry to say that as a result, I have no intention to try the place.

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                      I agree, but we have searched endlessly for a good steak in NJ and only happened upon ones that wowed us here. We knew that something was not right that night and I asked if the regular chef was there. The waiter said that it was the owner's night off and that his cousin was the one at the helm. For us personally I dont care if I have to check.....the steaks are worth it. My co worker just had a 60th birthday party there for 20 people and said the steaks were outrageously good.

                  2. At the risk of deviating from the original purpose of this thread . . . .

                    We recently, for the dual purpose of killing time and bolstering resolve, stopped in "What's Your Beef" in Rumson for a drink before a dinner party. It's been 20 years since I've been there and I really liked the vibe in the place and the old school salad bar intrigued me. I am thinking about going back to eat - Anyone been there lately? How were the steaks?

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                      MGZ - we often go to WYB and sit at the bar to eat. The salad bar is great. The beef is very good and there are plenty of other choices. It's not fancy but consistantly good.

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                        Glad to hear that. I thought it might be simple nostalgia. I am looking forward to returning (although, I have also recently rediscoved Val's!)

                    2. My vote is for something entirerly different. Try AMA in Atlantic Highlands. All of the fish is fresh and amazing, and Chef's Pat's Angry Lobster is to die and go to heaven. His steaks, and veal chops are wonderful too. You must have a reservation, it's BYOB, and it's amazing!

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                        Thanks for the suggestion - sounds like a great place and I will definitely try it....

                        What about Copper Canyon, anyone?

                        1. re: dannan

                          Right across the street from Ama- Great steak, fish and lamb chops too!!

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                            Is there still no website for AMA?

                            1. re: charmel

                              I think there is still no website. I know they were working on one,,,,,

                          2. re: dannan

                            I've been to Copper Canyon with a group of about 12 people. Food was excellent!! If you are into tequila, this place specializes in tequila. I had the carmelized scallops which were delicious. My wife had the beef short ribs and she has been wanting to go back because she enjoyed them so much, and my friend had the NY Strip, cooked to perfection and meted in his mouth, as he put it. I had heard some unflattering things about the staff; that they could be pushy and have a tendency to rush the diners, but we had a great experience. The staff was friendly and accomodating.

                            Copper Canyon
                            51 1st Ave, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716

                        2. i recently heard that the owners of shipwreck grill are opening another restaurant (also called shipwreck) in point pleasant. i heard it will be an upscale steakhouse!