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Feb 24, 2010 12:43 PM

What do I do with a fresh ham ROAST

So, I was given a fresh (uncured) ham "roast" by a local farmer. It is a 2" thick slice from the pig's leg. What is the best way to prepare this beautiful cut?

I have seen a lot of talk about prep of a whole fresh ham but nothing about a slice of the ham. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I've never heard of this cut, but sounds like it could be prepared in a similar way to a pork chop? I'd recommend brining then pan-roasting or grilling.

    1. I would suggest you use this for a slow braise. Normally, a whole fresh ham would require a low and slow roast to become tender, but a two inch slice in the oven may not reap the same benefits depending on your recipe. Using the cut with something like beans or root vegetables might make a nice stew type ragout dish on a cold winter day. It might make a nice addition to a Sunday Gravy sauce as well.

      1. ooooh nice gift. personally I really like garlic with this. When I do a fresh ham joint, I stud it with pieces of garlic cloves. And I do do a long slow roast to bring out the goodness. Since a farmer gave this to you, I would opt for a short brine and a pan roast. Since it is sorta thick, I would stud it with garlic pieces before the brine. I would not braise it, too many colors/notes. You want the pork taste totally.