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Feb 24, 2010 12:36 PM

Any good farmers market sources for chipotles?

A few years back I bought a bag of home-dried chipotle peppers from a lady at the Santa Monica farmers market who was (IIRC) mostly selling various dried bean varieties. They were wonderful and smoky (in a natural way, not the liquid-smoke taste you get from the canned ones) and a little went a long way ... just one of them chopped up finely in a soup was plenty of heat for the missus and me, and way too much for our wimpier friends.

On the last few trips I've made to Santa Monica I haven't been able to find them again. Does anyone know of other farmers market sources worth checking out? Thanks!

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  1. What you bought and liked was probably the chile ahumado rather than the more commonly found chile morita,(which is much more dark reddish purple in color than the ahumado).

    Maybe go again and ask her if that was the case, and if so where you can find the one you like.

    1. At the Santa Monica farmers' market, see Barbara or Bill at their Windrose Farm booth. It's on 2nd St. north of Arizona.

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        yup! you are correct. They don't always have them on display, but almost always have them if you ask. Incredible. Well worth the cost, I always keep a bunch on hand. Never found anything comparable.

      2. Try the spice stands in Grand Central Market downtown. I didn't take a close look the last time I was there but the dried chili selection looked pretty extensive.

        1. yup. windrose farms makes their own so they can have more to sell during winter/spring when other stuff slows down. at least they have in the past. they are more like moritas than chipotles ... flexible, dark red, very smoky and pretty hot. if you want more info on the differences, the chile stand against the south wall at Grand Central has both chipotles and moritas. both very nice.

          1. Does anyone know where I can find them in the San Fernando Valley, farmer's market or otherwise?