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Feb 24, 2010 12:27 PM

Bricco in Glastonbury

I am so excited to hear the word on the street around here is that Bricco will bo opening a new location at the former Sauce restaurant. I know tha last thing we need is another italian restaurant in this town but this is certainly welcome news!

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  1. I did read somewhere that he's opening a place in Glastonbury, not sure if it will be similar to Bricco's or Grant's. Can't go wrong with either one. Italian restaurants are experiencing quite the resurgance right now!

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    1. re: Meesch70

      I heard that too. I was going to post something on it but I did not want to start any rumors. I believe it will be a Bricco restaurant and not Grants. It will definitely be a welcome addition to town. I have not heard when they plan to open but there was not any work going on in the old Sauce space when I went by there yesterday so it may be a while. Jay

      1. re: JayCT

        What's going into the former Smith & Hawken space in Somerset Square, then? I had thought THAT was gonna be the next Billy Grant deserves to be more than a garden shop.

        1. re: kattyeyes

          Word on the street is that the folks who own "Dish" in downtown Hartford are taking the old S&H space. And "Everything For The Kitchen" should be moving in to the Griswold Mall where Bertucci's and Pier One are.

          1. re: FoodieJim

            Ahhhhhh, good to know. Thanks! I had heard the same re EFTK and am pleased to read it will be back soon. That's a better location for them, too.

            As to Dish, I've never been...I just love the old S&H space and am so glad it will be a restaurant again. This is excellent news for the Glastonbury area and gives me hope things are turning around economically. Cheers to that!

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              I wonder if it will be another "Dish N Dat"; I believe they are looking to expand that concept in CT.

      2. Drivng by the old Sauce location yesterday revealed brown paper covering the windows. ANy further info on whats going on?

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          The Bricco rumor is a done deal. See original post above.

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            It will be called Bricco Trattoria. And they're looking for a few good men & women:


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            1. Great news about Bricco's..hope the location works out better for them..not the best lease on the block from what I hear.