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Feb 24, 2010 12:20 PM

DIY wedding catering from favorite restaurants in SF?

Has anyone ever successfully coordinated (or been to a wedding that has successfully coordinated) a do-it-yourself catering where each dish comes from a favorite restuarant in SF? I'd love to be able to find someone who coordinates catering from various restaurants in the city, where I can have favorite dishes served buffet-style (like chicken tikka masala from pakwan, pork leg stew from thai house express, tea leaf salad from burma superstar, etc).

Has anyone ever heard of this or attempted this?? (And if so, has the name of a coordinator who has successfully coordinated this for them?)

(This would obviously have to be for a location that allows outside catering.)

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  1. I love your idea - in fact, I'm actually trying to do this for my own wedding next year. The closest I've come is a caterer named Devoted by AimeeAlan. Have you had any luck sourcing vendor(s)??

    1. I haven't done this in the Bay Area but we did do this for our wedding in Washington, DC where we had Cafe Asia do half the menu and Rockland's barbecue do the other half. What happened was that Cafe Asia was the caterer. We rented the dishes, silverware, glassware, linens and tables ourselves. Cafe Asia provided the chafing dishes and the servers and bartenders.

      Find out if one of the restaurants does catering. Talk with their catering manager and let them know you want to bring in additional dishes (this probably won't be much of a problem for them as long as the dishes can come in their own aluminum chafing dish). You will probably have to take more of a role in the day of to make sure that all of the dishes from the other restaurants come as planned but it's usually not a problem.

      If you have wedding coordinator, even better. Just give them the contact information of the restaurant who will be doing the service and a list with contact information of the other restaurants so they can follow up. Just make sure that all of the restaurants can deliver their dish to a venue. Otherwise pay your wedding coordinator through the nose to pick up things from all of those other restaurants.