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Feb 24, 2010 12:16 PM

Going out of town, need a quick homemade dinner for when we get home. Ideas?

Hi - I'm going out of town Friday, returning Monday afternoon. I need a quick dinner idea for Monday night. We'll probably be eating burgers and pasta while we're away so something healthy and quick would be great! I can either make it before I leave Friday and reheat on Monday or prepare something quick when we get home, so please share ideas for either type of meal! No restrictions - we eat meat, seafood, etc.


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  1. Turkey meatloaf or stuffed peppers. Both reheat beautifully, so I'd make in advance.

    1. This pasta with chickpeas dish uses pantry staples, is fast ,and is very tasty, especially considering how little effort is involved. It's also a bit different from the usual pasta dishes.

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        Sounds like a perfect night for cheese omelets. I love that kind of thing at the end of a busy day. Dead easy, fast, delicious and healthy - you can't go wrong.

      2. Love the idea of eggs-omlettes, frittata (my personal fave!).
        Make a pot of turkey or chicken chili before you go. It'll taste amazing after a few days.

        1. My approach is usually to make stew with whatever's left in the fridge that will go off before I get back. Last time I ended up with beef, chick-peas, celery, onions, mushrooms, carrots and tomatoes, seasoned with garlic, white wine and thyme.

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            ditto, I recently made a chili with leftover turkey (not ground) and everything else from the fridge/pantry - it's also a great way to use up before having to throw (since you'll be gone for a few days). Then we froze in ind. containers. We are renovating our kitchen so having a busy day yesterday, pulled out two healthy chilis and whipped up a salad = happy campers.