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Feb 24, 2010 11:53 AM

Two dinners and breakfasts in Boston near the Eliot Hotel

I will be visting Boston for two nights next week with my teenage daughter, staying at the Eliot Hotel. I'd like something that is walkable from the hotet. Daughter does not eat meat but does eat seafood, and is not otherwise a fussy eater (won't eat a steak but has no problems with raw oysters.) I am looking for something a bit fun and casual but with good, interesting moderate prices (maybe $50-60 for the two of us ) I did a bit of a search on the board and did not reallly see anything that fit the bill, unless Summer Shack is more than a tourist trap.

While I'm at it, any ideas for breakfast?


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  1. For breakfast places w/in walking distance, I'd suggest Trident Cafe on Newbury St. It's a bookstore & a cafe. They have great breakfasts (their challah French toast is delicious & they have omelets, the standard bacon & eggs, pancakes, etc) as well as a great selection of coffee drinks, teas, smoothies and more. Just another block down on Newbury St. is Charley's which I'd not recommend going to for lunch/dinner, but they do have a good breakfast which is not expensive. For dinner, I'd suggest Eastern Standard in Kenmore Sq. They have a good sized menu and it's a fun atmosphere. Petit Robert Bistro in Kenmore Sq. is also good. They do have some seafood dishes as well as salads and appetizers your daughter could eat. Both are right down the street from the hotel.The Eliot is also very close to the Hynes Convention Center T stop, so you could take the T to the North End for some great Italian food or down to Copley if you don't want to walk to Copley (it's only one stop after Hynes), and walk over to the S. End where there are many great restaurants.

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      I love Trident too and Petit Robert is a very good choice. If you want some ethnic fare Island Hopper ( pan Asian) is right next door on Massachusetts Avenue, and India Samraat is a small family place with excellent food on the next block.

      I'm not a fan of Charley's, so I could be wrong, but I've only seen brunch on weekends not breakfast.

      The second choice for a French meal is La Voile on Newbury Street. There is also an Espresso Royale Cafe (ERC) with interesting bagel options and very good coffee if you want a lighter breakfast option.


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        You're right...Charley's does brunch. I have to say, I'm not a fan of Charley's otherwise, but their brunch is actually pretty good.

    2. Thanks for the advice BackBayGirl and BostonZest. These are just the sort of places I was looking for.

      1. A great and fun casual place with terrific raw oysters and otherwise wonderful seafood is just a few T stops away from your hotel - Neptune Oyster in the North End of Boston. Get on the Green Line, there are two stops close to your hotel, and get off at Haymarket - it's about a ten minute subway ride - and then a two minute walk to the restaurant.

        You will certainly get a fabulous meal for your price criteria for lunch.

        1. The suggestions here are good, but you don't have to completely write-off Summer Shack. It is a very small chain started by chef Jasper White. It gets knocked a bit, but I wouldn't call it a tourist trap. It would be fine.

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            Think of it as a best possible family dining chain with a focus on seafood. The oysters will be good, the fish fresh.

          2. Thanks to everyone for your assistance. We ended up at Island Hopper and Summer Shack, and really enjoyed both. We shared calamari and a Vietnamese crepe at IH. Daughter had a Malaysian vegetable curry that she loved, and I had a half Peking duck. As you can imagine, we had plenty leftover to snack on back at the hotel later that evening. We also enjoyed our dinner at Summer Shack. I had the lobster roll, which was fresh, lightly dressed and very good. Daughter had the BBQ bluefish special which was good, but she really loved the cole slaw served with it! We were running a bit behind time in the morning and never had time for a sit down breakfast, but we did stop for a quick lunch at a place called Boca Grande, at the intersection of Raleigh and Beacon Streets near BU. The place had a steady stream of clientele, mostly BU faculty and students. I had a steak burrito and daughter had a cheese and tomato quesidilla. Both were freshly made and good, not a reinvention of Mexican food, but great for the location. It was also nice in that it had a coffeehouse vibe...daughter was anxious to talk about her visit to BU, and we must have sat there for over an hour nursing our drinks. No one dreamed of hurrying us along.

            Again, my thanks to the Boston hounds! If you find yourself heading to Philly, please post and I'll be glad to return the favor.

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              You are very welcome and I already owed the Philadelphia hounds for some excellent guidance before a trip a couple of years ago. I ate extremely well.

              Let us know if your Chowpup chooses a Boston school. Sounds like she's an eater with good taste.