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Feb 24, 2010 11:45 AM

Hampton Roads Happy Hour

Looking for good happy hour deals in the downtown Norfolk/Ghent area. I've tried searching online and haven't come up with much so thought I'd start a thread and have people add their favorite places or specials they know about. I've listed the couple I do know about

Red Dog: Half price draft beer. Apps are also discounted. Hours? 3-7 (I think)

The Boot: Half priced wine on Tuesday

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  1. I don't get down to Norfolk/Ghent that often. There is an awesome special at Bullie's near Great Bridge on Tuesdays. Twenty-five cent shrimp and dollar domestics. The Tidewater Hounds are meeting tonight at Razzo at 7:00.

    1. great deal at mojo bones in OV ($1 domestic bottles) and they have fried pickles, bbq, etc. Captain Groovies (also in OV) has 1/2 off all wine by the glass and all beer as well as 1/2 priced oyters and wings. McCormic and Schmitts (prob misspelling it) has great food specals at the bar for HR (look at the online menu) as does lubo wine tasing room (pleasure house road) they also have specials posted online. Hope this helps :-)

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        what happens to all the tidewater posts, seems like they just die! Oh well! More happy hour specials...lubo has a great hh as do most places in town center.

      2. Here is a list of favorite places and restaurant that i enjoy a lot.

        Favorite restaurants in Virginia (Hampton roads)

        219 Bistro, 219 Granby Street, Norfolk 757-627-2896. This is an amazing bistro with great food and great wine. It has something of a french bistro, for lunch or an early dinner. The food is great, the Crabcakes and the Lobster & Blue Crab Roll are to die for and the waiters are exceptionals, real french Garçons. I really love that place. It can be super crowded during lunch. I went numerous times and it's always super good. Just go !

        Todd Jurich’s Bistro, Norfolk, 757-622-3210. Todd Jurich is a chef-owned restaurant run by James Beard Foundation chef, Todd Jurich. This is an amazing restaurant. A special treat for sure. I was blown away every time i went. So chic with such great food. The wine list is impressive. The oyster stew, The fois gras, as well as The duck confit are so well done. They do have a cocktail hour special too with great options. I adore that place!!! I feel like Princess Grace going there, and this is a great feeling.

        Passion Restaurant, Chesapeake, 757-410-3975. In Chesapeake, there is not a lot of good places to eat fancy-gourmet-good, you have to dig deep. But, this restaurant is really good with a really nice wine list. I like when there is great discoveries on the wine list and there is some over here. This is cozy with a romantic feeling. It looks like nothing from outside but inside it is very nice. The she-crab soup as well as the strip of veal are amazing. They have some specials on monday and tuesday. A nice surprise.

        Vintage Tavern, 1900 Governors Pointe Dr, Suffolk, 757-238-8808. A very good place with a lot of attention to local produces. This is always crowded so be sure to make a reservation. The nature surrounding the area is magnificent. The charcuteries plate as well as The roasted pig plate are amazing. I have a deep love for meat but there is so many healthy, hearthy options over here so don't be fooled by my recommendations. The wine list is exhaustive. They also have a very classy bar where you can eat. It has a luxurious cabin in the woods feel.

        Domo sushi, 109 Gainsborough Sq, Chesapeake, 757-549-7977. Ok, this is not a fancy place but this small japanese restaurant is great and the food is excellent. We have been to a couple of sushi places over here and for us, this one is the best. Everything on the menu is very good and we love the big Kirin and Saporo beers. This is as close as japan as you can be in Virginia. The chesapeake roll is very good.

        Blue Crab
        4521 Pretty Lake Ave, Norfolk, VA 23518

        Vintage Tavern
        1900 Governors Pointe Dr, Suffolk, VA 23436

        1. Super late on this, but Cogan's has a $5 off all pizza's on Sundays so a simple cheese pizza is only $5 on Sunday.