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Feb 24, 2010 11:42 AM

Restaurants that turn into a bar or club

Hi all
Anyone know of any fun restaurants that turn into clubs later in the night? thanks


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    1. STK, Ajna Bar (formerly Buddha Bar), Tao and One Little West 12 St. are a few that I know of. Bagatelle for brunch is exactly what you're looking for but that's in the afternoon instead of at night

      1. Butter has both an active dinner scene and club scene. Usually midweek is better for club scenes.. Mon/Tues are the new "Saturdays" or something.

        Also, maybe Nikki beach Midtown.... i'd go with STK also... not sure about Buddhakan/TAO seem like they would. Spice Market maybe?

        Schillers Liquor Bar on the LES, and Stanton Social

        Also - Wicker Park on the UES is a restaurant that goes straight bar crazy at around 10pm on Thurs/Fri/Sat. I've been there during the "transition" - awkward. But both the food & bar scene are mediocre, if that.... unless you're in your early 20s, in which case its fun.

        1. Haven't been for a while but Le Souk used to get pretty crazy late night.


          1. The Park (it's resto downstairs and club upstairs)