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Where to find bleu cheese stuffed olives

I'm craving a martini with a twist, and a friend recommended adding one of these babies in. I don't recall seeing them anywhere. Does anyone know where I might be able to find some in Cambridge area, or Boston in general? Thanks lots in advance!

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  1. They're not uncommon -- I've bought them at the olive bar at Star Market in Packards Corner. Try the bar at the Porter Square Shaw's.

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      Thanks! I guess I never looked for them before, so they sounded pretty exotic to me. Silly me!

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        Well, I don't think you'd find them just anywhere, but most supermarkets that have good-sized olive/antipasto bars have blue-cheese olives. They *are* really tasty!

    2. Just saw some yesterday at Russo's in Watertown.

      1. These are a personal favorite of mine when it comes to garnishes for dirty martinis. I highly recommend the Divina brand in jars if you can't find them at the aforementioned antipasto bars, and I usually get the best price on them at the Wine & Cheese Cask.

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          FYI; Divina also does the olives at the antipasto bars at Whole Foods, Roche Bros., and the new Star at Chestnut Hill...

        2. Thanks guys! Can't wait till 5!

          1. I can't help you any farther north than the Mason-Dixon Line but here is SC Total Wine has them, it is a large chain like Whole Foods so you should check there! Good luck - I love them, too! In a Bloody Mary with Zing Zang spicy mixer!

            1. Cheesecake Factory puts them in their bloody marys.

              1. I think Trader Joe's carries them, but I might be mixing them up w/garlic-stuffed . . . if you call your local TJ's, they'd be able to tell you for sure.


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                  I know I've bought them at the TJs in Brookline before, but I don't know if I have recently.

                2. I like to buy a good hunk of blue and good olives and make my own.

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                    Yes I agree...I buy the cheese and olives and stuff them myself. Everyone loves them but won't make them. I remove the pimento and stuff with the crumbled cheese....and put 3 on a pick and add to a nice gin martini. Cheers!

                  2. I just bought 3 jars of blue cheese stuffed green olives, at Ocean State Job Lot. They were $1.50/jar. They also had jars of pitted calamata olives for $1.50/jar as well.

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                      28 Degrees in the South End serves gigantic martinis with blue cheese stuffed olives.

                    2. don't do it, they are addictive. but if you must, Marty's in Newton. There you may acquire olives stuffed with just about everything.

                      1. I just saw them in the Newton Whole Foods (jarred) last night..

                        1. Don't cheese the vodka!