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Feb 24, 2010 11:25 AM

Where to find bleu cheese stuffed olives

I'm craving a martini with a twist, and a friend recommended adding one of these babies in. I don't recall seeing them anywhere. Does anyone know where I might be able to find some in Cambridge area, or Boston in general? Thanks lots in advance!

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  1. They're not uncommon -- I've bought them at the olive bar at Star Market in Packards Corner. Try the bar at the Porter Square Shaw's.

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    1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

      Thanks! I guess I never looked for them before, so they sounded pretty exotic to me. Silly me!

      1. re: joolseyc09

        Well, I don't think you'd find them just anywhere, but most supermarkets that have good-sized olive/antipasto bars have blue-cheese olives. They *are* really tasty!

    2. Just saw some yesterday at Russo's in Watertown.

      1. These are a personal favorite of mine when it comes to garnishes for dirty martinis. I highly recommend the Divina brand in jars if you can't find them at the aforementioned antipasto bars, and I usually get the best price on them at the Wine & Cheese Cask.

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          FYI; Divina also does the olives at the antipasto bars at Whole Foods, Roche Bros., and the new Star at Chestnut Hill...

        2. Thanks guys! Can't wait till 5!

          1. I can't help you any farther north than the Mason-Dixon Line but here is SC Total Wine has them, it is a large chain like Whole Foods so you should check there! Good luck - I love them, too! In a Bloody Mary with Zing Zang spicy mixer!