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Feb 24, 2010 11:09 AM

Florida food trucks/street food?

I know food trucks are popping up all over the place and have been a staple in some larger cities for a long time, but does anyone know of food trucks anywhere in Florida? I'm particularly interested in food served from airstream trailers (like Queen Bee Cupcakes in Seaside, and gastroPod in Miami). Doesn't have to be mobile--retrofitted buses, trucks, etc. would all be welcome suggestions, too.

I'm a Florida native, but haven't been there for quite some time. Feel so behind on the Florida foodie scene!

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  1. On Cape Coral Parkway in Cape Coral there is a Gyro and Schnitzel truck. How these two foods wind up in the same truck is anyone's guess. But the Greek food is good, and the hot tsatsiki is great, if you are a reallllly spicy fan (like I am). I can only guess about the schnitzel. It is in a gas station parking lot near McDonalds.

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      Hearing about food trucks everywhere has been driving me crazy due to the lack of good food in the SWFL area. I noticed this gyro truck on Cape Coral Pkwy had been there quite a while and figured it had to be worth a try. OOOOHHHH what a let down! I've had a better gyro at a festival! Should have known when the menu also listed german fare and the gyro meat was basically a frozen steak-um like patty. Not a worthy recommendation sadly in my opinion.

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      1. There's a bunch of taco trucks that set up in a parking lot on OBT in Orlando. This site did a bit of a review of one of the trucks:

        There's several BBQ trucks that I know of in Seminole County. I've seen a few along RT 46 in Sanford. There's some that park in Casselberry as well.

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          watch your back on OBT after dark. High crime from one end to the other.

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            On a recent business trip to Orlando, my best food discovery was a Puerto Rican food truck at the corner of OBT and Central Florida Parkway. The owner makes really good mofongo. I wanted to experience Spanish and Cuban flavors, found a few good restaurants in town but this food truck was truly a late night treat to be remembered! By the way, this part of OBT is well lit and lots of traffic. Can't wait to go back to it!

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            Where are these barbecue trucks in Casselberry? That's very close to me, but I've never seen any!

          3. El Sabor Boricua - Puerto Rican food in Miami
            Check our location on twitter

            1. The "Camacho Taco" truck sets up Friday night through the weekend in Ellenton, corner of 301 and Ellenton-Gillette Rd. Tacos de carnitas, pollo, pastor, lengua, barbacoa, chicharron, are a buck apiece. Good homemade green habanero and red el arbol sauces, grilled onions on request no extra charge. Quesadillas and frijoles charros also. Customer base is growing steadily.

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                Rolli pork roast. cooked on a vertical rotisserie. Stopped for breakfast the other day 2 slices of pork 2 eggs cheese on a grilled kaiser $4 Lunch as well. Very tasty. Exit 173 from I-95 in Malabar Go East to it dead ends at the intercoastal waterway . Small stainless mobile concession tariler in gas station on right.. Quick stop, back on the highway 30 min later.

                620 W New Haven Ave, Melbourne, FL 32901

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                  There is one here in Mount dora on the corner of limit and 441. MIKES BBQ!! Very good sweet sauce and to die for cinamon baked beans. A few more have opened on old hwy 441,, Bizzles BBQ serves good chicken and they have a couple more that i need to on old 441 between Mt. Dora and Tavares. I think I saw a jamacan jerk wagon,,film at 11!!