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Feb 24, 2010 10:55 AM

Restaurants near Denver International Airport

Hey Everyone! I have a layover in a few weeks at Denver International and was looking for some recommendations on nearby food establishments. Layover will be around late breakfast/early lunch. I saw the post on restaurants within the airport but I would prefer something outside the airport, within a 10-15 mile radius? Any ideas?

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  1. Maybe Udi's in a new development at Stapleton Town Center, part of the old Stapleton Airport site. Address is 7357 E 29th Avenue, phone is 303-329-8888. But how are you planning to get there? It's about 15 miles.

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      Thanks I will check that out. I will have a vehicle. Most of the recommendations I have seen in the Denver area are in the same area about 27-30 miles from the airport. I don't know if I have that kind of time. I have probably 2-2.5 hours but don't want to risk missing my flight, getting lost in Denver:) Hopefully around noon traffic isn't to bad.

    2. That's tough, because most development is a ways away from DIA; Pena Blvd is itself at least 10 miles. The Berkshire is in the Stapleton area and has good food: But not sure if it is too far. There is a lot of new development in the area close-ish to DIA, so there is surely stuff that is closer, but I don't know what. The development near DIA is called -- I think -- Green Valley Ranch? Maybe a google search will reveal something there.

      1. I would really hesitate to go anywhere outside the airport with only 2.5 hours to spare. I think it's reasonable to spend at least half an hour each way driving somewhere. Udi's is an upscale bakery/sandwich shop...nothing more. I've been to The Berkshire and wouldn't exactly classify the service as prompt and the food, while good, is certainly not good enough to warrant missing a flight. So given the transit time, waiting/dining time, and a second trip through airport security, I think you would be cutting it close.

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          Thanks for the replies everyone. I wont risk missing my flight by traveling into unknown areas but thought maybe there was something nearby. Maybe one of you should start a nearby restaurant for us frequent flier foodies:)

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            Starting a restaurant "near" the airport is easier said than done. DIA's land mass is 54 square miles -- the second- or third-largest airport in the world. :-)

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              The best you could hope for might be hanging out somewhere like New Belgium in the B Concourse to sample some Colorado microbrews (just hop on the train if that's not where you land). There is also a Denver Chophouse like the one downtown, but it's awkward cutting a big hunk of meat with a plastic knife. I really wish we would get a nice wine bar at DIA (even DFW has a decent place to grab a glass of wine from the Hill Country). It's probably too much of a PITA with security regulations and such to entice local chefs to open a DIA outpost though.

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                I spent a couple hours at DIA yesterday evening, and the New Belgium brews are indeed wonderful, but the food is haphazardly prepared garbage. Blech.

                1. re: Spot

                  Sweet potato fries are reliable and a life-saver if your flight ends up being canceled like ours was last December. You are not going to get gourmet food at DIA, but I think New Belgium often does a better job than Wolfgang Puck Express or any of the other options. You shouldn't care too much after downing a couple of Motherships. :-)

          2. Ok - even though I am Atlantachowhound, I am a Denver native and every time I fly home, we make a stop at Gala Gardens - literally 10 minute drive from DIA. Don't be dismayed by the motorcycles you see parked outside, or the sign for the daily senior specials. Great Mexican food (smothered bean burrito one of my favorites) to good home cooking, like chicken fried steak. A total hole-in-the-wall, but good food in a family-run restaurant.

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              Atlantachowhound - You must be a real speedster, because 10 minutes after leaving DIA (the terminal anyway), you're still at DIW. After your recommendation, tho', I looked it up, and the diner reviews also praised GG's steaks.

            2. Can anyone tell me anything about Wolfgang? I looked on Wolfgang website, but i couldn't find a listing for the airport, however, the airport's website has a listing for it. Is it open? I am looking for a healthy late breakfast/early lunch during a short layover before an 8.5 hour flight.

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              1. re: iluvtennis

                Concourse B in the middle-- go up the escalators to the second floor, where there's also a smoking lounge. Wolfgang Puck's on the go (so don't expect magic), but one of your better options for what you're seeking.