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Feb 24, 2010 10:47 AM

My wife's 40th looking for good French

Hi - My wife and I are coming up from Los Angeles for her 40th birthday celebration and she is crazy for French food. Any recomendations would be welcome. High end is fine but also a good Brasserie or Bistro works too. We are big into funky wine lists and good oysters are an added bonus in our book!

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  1. The usual SF suspects: Chapeau!, La Folie, Fringale, Chez Spencer.

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    1. re: ML8000

      Note that La Folie is high-end and the others are more mid-range.

    2. Assuming the big 40 is gonna be somewhere special so La Folie would be the most special place in SF, but on of my other favorites is Cafe Claude, they often have live jazz and its got a true French bistro feel (plus amazing steak tartar to served table side). Now if i were you and here is what i would do, surprise your wife with a day//night in Yountville (in wine country) and go to Bouchon, amazing wine...seafood platters...classic French and how can you go wrong with Thomas Keller? Also in Yountville is Bistro Jeanty...also fantastic, gotta get the tomatoe bisque if you go there. If you go up to Yount...stay at the Vintage Inn

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        I do like Cafe Claude but do you know it's now owned/run by Italians? Food seems to be the same, tho . . . I second the Bouchon or Bistro Jeanty suggestion.

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          Third recommendation for Bouchon in Yountville. Funky wine list? Check. Great Oysters? Check. REALLY authentic Bistro atmosphere? Check.

      2. I agree La Folie to be one of our best high end French; however if you are looking for bistro true and tried excellent food, in an adorable "I'm in Paris" setting; I go to L'Ardoise on Noe @ Henry. This place serves delicious food at reasonable prices; excellent service in a relax atmosphere.

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          I agree that L'Ardoise is a great venue and in a nice neighborhood and I like the food. However, I think the food at Le Charm is better and it offers a greater variety. The neighborhood, though, is borderline but nearer to downtown, if that makes any difference.

        2. Not for the 40th birthday, but if you have time for another meal in S.F. since you like oysters, mussels etc. I say try Plouf on Belden alley in downtown. Or Foreign Cinema, in the Mission District; which also has great oysters platters.

          1. adding to this list with Bistro Central Parc
            I love both La Folie - and Bistro Central Parc.

            Bistro Central Parc
            560 Central Ave, San Francisco, CA 94117