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Feb 24, 2010 10:25 AM

What tool do you use for zesting and for twists?

Hello all,

As the subject indicates, I'd love to know which tools you use for zesting citrus fruits and for making twists. I'd love to improve my twists, and I am thinking that a dedicated tool may help things.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to reply!


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  1. Zesting - a microplane. Twists - traditional vegetable peeler. And practice.

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    1. I used my microplane grater for any zest that's NOT for a cocktail. For that I use my zester. MP makes it too small IMO. For twists, veg peeler.

      1. For twists, I use a paring knife. Lop the ends off the lemon, and cut a piece from pole to pole about half an inch wide, making sure you get as little of the pith as possible.

        1. A channel knife is less then $20 and makes perfect twists.

          1. Zester, channel knife, veggie peeler, and paring knife. They each do a different thing. If I only had one tool, then a very good paring knife. I recommend the non-stick Kuhn Rikon Paring Knife. They cost $10, and are very high quality blades, very sharp, with a non-stick coating, and a plastic sheath/holder.

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              This is an awesome paring knife that holds an edge like a $30 blade and it's only $6. These knives are the best bank for the buck I've seen.


              I am not a huge fan of Kuhn Rikon as I had a terrible experience with one of their pressure cookers.

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                Thank you for the replies, everyone! Based on what we already have, it looks like I just need to pick up a channel knife and a good paring knife. We already have a couple of paring knives, but they look like they have had hard lives. I had never heard of a channel knife before, and that looks like quite a useful, if specialized, tool. I appreciate the help.