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Feb 24, 2010 10:22 AM

Salteñas and Bolivian Food at Delany's in San Francisco?

Funny when something you've never heard of before starts to pop up around you. Such seems to be the case with salteñas, the juicy soup-filled empanadas of Bolivia. I just got a tip that Delany's Restaurant, 710 Polk St., serves Bolivian cuisine alongside breakfast all day and Italian food, including salteñas.

I'm out of town and can't run over there today, but I hope we'll hear a chowhound report soon!

710 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109

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  1. wha-wha-wha????? i'm out of town too - hope someone can check this delicious rumor out!!

    1. Thanks for your eagle eye Melanie! This will make my dad reeeeeally happy!

      1. According to the website they have two upcoming Carnaval Party Nights

        1. thanks for the link. the little slideshow of Bolivian specialties shows items not on Delany's menu--the Chairo and its variations is ubiquitous in the small cafes of highland Bolivia, with the distinctive dehydrated potato, chuño, and another one of the slides appears to be a preparation of charque, dried meat (llama or alpaca in the altiplano) and the original form of the word 'jerky'. Bolivian food has started to appear in small eateries in Orange County (haven't heard of any in LA proper, yet); fortunately, salteñas are one dish more easily adapted to nort-americano ingredients.

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            Loooove me some chairo. Norah's Place, on Lankershim in No. Hollywood (not L.A. proper) was our go-to place for Bolivian food years ago, including chairo, saltenas and many other Bolivian specialties, but i just checked out their website and they don't appear to have it anymore. In San Francisco, I still haven't checked out Pena Pachamama - something about organic Bolivian food throws me off . . . . Thanks for the info about Carnaval Party Nights, RWOrange!

            1. re: mariacarmen

              With Pena Pachamama is is about the atmosphere rather than the food. It is dinner theatre really, which transcends all cultures, and winds up being 'meh'

              El Charro in South SF was the much better option but it didn't have many dishes. So good to have a third option in the Bay Area.

          2. People wanting to go here might call to confirm that they are open.The website says they are open at 9 am and they have a breakfast menu. I swung by about 10;40 and they were closed. Didn't think to copy the phone no and there was zilch parking in the area .I suspect it was taken by Brenda's customers since it is within a block or two and there was a line snaking up the streeet there.

            I think they could possibly be opening for lunch. On my first drive by I'm pretty sure the blinds were pulled and you couldn't see into the restaurant. I havve a high dive tolerance ... Tu Lan is a lot better than some of the joints I frequent ... yet my first impresion was 'YIKES"

            There's a photo section on the website and the interior looks nice enough. Then again they managed to make the exterior shot look attractive.

            It is flanked by a Tenderloin hotel on one side and, IIRC, a massage parlor on the other. So, I got over the blinds drawn thing, thinking the joint was trying to shield customers from the ambiance of the neighborhood.

            Second time the blinds were up and there were tables with white tablecloths, but that's all I could see. I just didn't have the time today to wait to see if it was open for lunch.