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Feb 24, 2010 10:15 AM


This San Francisco Bay Area hound will be in Frankfurt next month, and I am looking for some different places to try for German dinners. (Lunch is at work, for better or worse.)

My highlights on last year's visit were Steinernes Haus for more traditional food, and Holbein for a fancier meal. I could happily go back to either place but would like to find some new ones, especially more moderately-priced places like Steinernes Haus. I'm also looking for places with good draft beer or wine, as I wasn't a fan of apfelwein on a previous visit.

Any reasonably central location is fine, as long as it's easy to get to via U-Bahn or S-Bahn.


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  1. Wow, surprised at how few people responded to your original post. I head to Frankfurt in November for a few days. Staying in Villa Kennedy (on biz). Holbein could work but may be a bit fussy. The Steinernes Haus looks like it's changed hands recently and gone downhill. A buddy did recommend a Szechuan place in the Westin. But he knows I'm a sucker for spicy Chinese anywhere in the world. Any other suggestions since then? Even Zagat has very few recommendations. Cheers, NC

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      My favorite from this past trip was Zum schönen Müllerin. I had a yummy Hessenschnitzel stuffed with apple, sauerkraut, and speck. There were different Hessian dishes on this menu compared to the lookalike menus at places in Sachsenhausen. They had a couple nice beers on draft as well as the Apfelwein. If I'm back in Frankfurt again next year, I'd be very happy going back here!

      It's easy to get to as it's just a few blocks walk from the Merianplatz stop on the U4 line.

      Holbein is fancier food and prices, but didn't strike me as fussy at all. My experience with Chinese food in this part of Germany has not been a happy one; Indian and Thai food have been better bets. I've never tried any of these in Frankfurt though since my visits are not long enough to get tired of German food with the occasional Italian place for variety.


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        This year my colleagues and I had a lovely dinner at Zum schönen Müllerin. They were very happy with their schnitzels, while I enjoyed my beef with green sauce. Good beer and wine all around, including a nice dunkel.

        My other find this year was Malepartus in Bornheim. The unbreaded "natural" schnitzel with pepper sauce and roast potatoes was delicious, and it went well with a nice light Gewurztraminer from the Pfalz. It's just a few blocks from the Bornheim Mitte stop on the U4 line:


        1. re: mdg

          das soll 'zuR schoenen Muellerin' sein, right? :) I agree that it was solid, havent been recently though if this is the one I remember

          1. re: shekamoo

            Yes - sorry for the typo repeated in two postings. It's indeed Zur schönen Müllerin.


            1. re: mdg

              obviously not a biggie, but a lifetime ago I used to teach German to students whose first language lacked both the concepts of inflection and gender, so the difference between zur and zum was a thorn in my side....

      2. re: nocaliban

        So where did you end up? Was it good?


      3. I'll be back in Frankfurt again in a couple weeks. Are there any new recommendations for places to try, particularly German (traditional or newer-style) cuisine? No apfelwein places please, unless they also serve draft beer and wine.

        My past favorites have been Zur schönen Müllerin and Malepartus for less expensive traditional places, and Holbein for more expensive modern cooking. Some new possibilities I've been eyeing include Schwarzer Stern, Das Wirsthaus, Table Schirn, and Leib und Seele. Any reports on these?

        Any central location is fine as long as we can easily get there via U-Bahn or S-Bahn.


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          Slightly old thread but I thought I would add some recommendations for German food for people who might still stumble across it.

          Zur schönen Müllerin is always a good option. Dauth-Schneider in Sachsenhausen is also nice. Quite a few of the staff speak English (one of the owners is Irish).

          Klosterhof in the centre is a good option for German food (but they also have a few international options, and also cater for vegetarians).

          Vinum just off the Fressgasse is located in a nice cellar. The food is good, and they have a large selection of wine (surprise, surprise :-).

          A few of my friends recommend the Salzkammer though I have not been there myself.

          I am personally not a big fan of Leib und Seele or Schwarzer Stern.

          1. re: apfelwein

            I forgot to report back, but now that somebody else is reading this thread...

            I definitely enjoyed our meal at Zum Schwarzer Stern; I had a really nice venison dish there. The international dishes make it more attractive to a wider range of business colleagues. Zur schönen Müllerin was as delicious as always, and this time I finally had the apple ring dessert. We also had a fine meal at K&K, a small Austrian place in the West End.

            I keep meaning to try Klosterhof but haven't gotten there yet. Vinum and Salzkammer look promising too. Maybe next time!


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              Don't go to Klosterhof, it is next to a huge construction site at the moment and loud and dusty. All restaurants mentioned in this thread are great but represent old school German cooking. why not try something different next time you are around?
              Emma Metzler is a great, minimalistic, NYC style restaurant with an excellent wine list.
              Another pick is the place called Heimat in the city center, very close to Hauptwache. It is rather intimate so you will need a reservation, but it offers modern style German cuisine.
              A good place to check out for either breakfast in the front or a dinner in the back of the restaurant Margarete which is in walking distance from the roemer berg but not a tourist place like schwarzer stern.
              If you go out with an important date, take her/him to Ennos Bistro in the west end for excellent French cuisine

              and if you just have time for quick walk in the park and a cup of coffee on a sun filled , please go the Siesmayer, it offers excellent cake and a view of the Palmengarten. http://www.palmengarten-gastronomie.d...


              1. re: FRAexplorer

                Thanks for the recommendations! Old-school German cooking done well is very hard to find in San Francisco, which is why I'm so attracted to those places in Frankfurt. Heimat looks like a great choice if I'm able to plan ahead enough to get a reservation. I'll keep these in mind for next spring!


                1. re: FRAexplorer

                  FRAexplorer: Thanks for your recommendations. I dined at Heimat, Emma Metzler, and Margarete. They are all a little different. Heimat and Margarete are both nice for dinner. I have already been back to Margarete and enjoyed it both times. It is convenient and easy to get to. Emma Metzler had delicious home made pasta that I enjoyed one afternoon. I am looking forward to try Ennos Bistro after we get settled here. Thanks again for your modern German food recommendations.

          2. I'm preparing to head back to Frankfurt. There are some nice recommendations from apfelwein and FRAexplorer that I want to check out, plus some favorites from previous visits. Are there any new / updated recommendations? German cuisine is still the main focus, either in traditional or newer styles, and accessible via U-Bahn or S-Bahn.