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Feb 24, 2010 09:53 AM

rotisserie chicken in BCN

A lowbrow question, I know. I have heard and read, but cannot now find, references to hole in the wall chicken places with fabulous, crispy, citrusy skin. These sounded like local places, inexpensive. Does this ring any bells?

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  1. Maybe you are talking about Romesco ? (C/ Sant Pau, 28).

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    1. You are looking for an asador de pollos or rostisseria--here in Madrid, every neighborhood has several (no seating, strictly to go) and they are the kinds of places you could easily walk right by and not realize they are there. Try searching for "rostisseria" and "barcelona" in google and you'll find a bunch.

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        Thanks butterfly. It sounds like if I keep my eyes open I will come upon them in my daily travels.

      2. A good rotisserie chicken has its own zen perfection. I don't consider it lowbrow at all.

        Indeed you can find them in many places.
        I have some tips here for finding a good one:
        1. Don't, I repeat, don't, go to Los Carracoles in the old town. Its rotisserie looks really good, like its interior. It was once a good resto, according to friends' parents' reminiscences. It is now strictly a cruise passenger kind of place, which means yuck.
        Also, it seems to have second-generation druggies nodding out in front of the rotisserie (as I remember seeing druggies passing out there 20 years ago...), yikes.
        2. Try the rotisseries in the markets. A good one to visit would be Mercat Santa Caterina. The whole market has dependable high quality food.
        3.Right outside the magnum opus Catalan Baroque church of Santa MarĂ­a del Mar is an excellent butcher's La Botifarreria de Santa Maria (Santa Maria 4) with a rotisserie. I have not had the chicken but have bought tons of meats and sausages there, all excellent. There is always a long queue for the rotisserie - a very good sign.

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          Thanks so much. Very helpful, and I hadn't realized about the markets, though why not I can't imagine.