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Feb 24, 2010 09:28 AM

Good spot for a group of 20 in Toronto?

Hey all,

I'm looking for a recommendation: I'm planning my dad's 70th birthday party and having trouble finding exactly the right spot. Ideally, I'm looking for a place with a private room, in the realm of French/Italian/contemporary, nice to moderately pricey, with a casual upscale feel (like Allen's) without being too much of a loud party place (he's turning 70 for God's sake). Anyone had a good experience booking a group somewhere?

All suggestions appreciated!

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  1. Hi hardboiled,
    I recommend Cava. They don't have a private room, but the restaurant is quite nice. If you call ahead, you can work out a menu and reserve your tables. It's not too big of a place, and I went there with a group of 18 and loved it!

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      No! Cava is one of the noisiest places in town!

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        It wasn't noisy when I went there - but perhaps we were making the noise? :-) For a group of 20, I thought it was great and fun since we were pretty much the only ones there...

    2. Le Select has a private room upstairs - and does seem to fit your criteria perfectly...


      and here's a link to their event page at their website, including info on the private rooms:

      1. Globe Bistro has a private room in the front half of the 2nd floor. I think it's large enough for 20.

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          Thay may be too big - I think it holds over 50 (but maybe not).

        2. I've had several good experiences - but depends on your budget!
          The private room downstairs at Splendido is my favourite place in the city.
          Holds 20 comfortably but can squeeze in 30 at a pinch.

          The private room at Madeline is my #2. You can order from either/both of Madeline and/or Lee.
          I've had 17 there and I'm guessing could go to maybe 24.

          More downscale is La Maquette - the downstairs room holds about 20, but I almost prefer the upstairs area that overlooks the Sculpture Garden - you can see the main dining room, but it's a step down and 'feels' more private. Great view.
          They also have a totally private room (The Cathedral Room) that looks out towards St James Cathedral. I've had 16 there and it may be possible to go to 20 - the advantage of that (as with Splendido) is that they can potentially set you up in a rectangle, so you can talk to everybody else (assuming you're not too rowdy).

          With that many people you may want to consider a 'set menu' - ordering/delivering could be a challenge. I've been able to get 'alternate' menus at both Madeline and Splendido, so that every second person gets the same menu (organizationally it's simpler to have a 'Ladies' and a 'Gentlemans' menu as the servers can place each plate appropriately - helps to ensure that the food is at its best as they can 'draft in' additional servers to serve everyone at once).

          1. If you are looking for moderately priced, we were invited to a nice family function at Vittorios on Avenue Road. Not fancy but nice, had the entire 2nd floor and their small patio which was great in the summer. Food was very good (they made all the choices in advance including appetizers, antipasto, pasta, main and dessert served family style which was fun for us but not fancy depending on your needs. Service was excellent and we had the entire 2nd floor to ourselves.


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              I haven't been to Vittorio's new location, only the (now closed) Yonge St. location, but I used to enjoy it quite a lot. Nothing mind blowing, but a nice neighbourhood restaurant. A word of warning though -- parking is pretty scarce in the new location, if I'm not mistaken.