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Feb 24, 2010 09:21 AM

Bartalotta at the Wynn

Has anyone tried Bartalotta at the Wynn? I have reservations for the weekend but I'm now seeing some reviews that are saying the service isn't great and the food not worth the price. This restaurant is one of my "bucket list" restaurants but really don't want to spend the $$$$ and be disappointed.

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  1. I've been twice and been quite impressed both times.

    My first visit we ordered the Family Style Tasting menu which is a unique experience not to be missed. You'll pay big for this, but will be rewarded with a multitude of great fish, shellfish, handmade pastas and desserts.

    Second time did the Taste of Wynn which was much less expensive but nowhere near the "event" of the tasting. This was a great "value" allowing one to enjoy a 4-star restaurant at 3-star prices.

    1. Unfortunately, you will be here on a weekend in which it might be too cold and windy for one of the outdoor cabana tables, which are among the best settings of any restaurant in Las Vegas. But Paul Bartolotta was won two James Beard awards for a reason (one for his work in Las Vegas in 2009, and one for Spiaggia in Chicago in 1994). Here is where I think some people come away feeling a bit disappointed - Bartolotta believes in making the seafood the star in his dishes, and as such the preparations are deceptively simple. That is a good thing, not a bad thing, but sometimes expectations are for fireworks from complex sauces or avant garde technique; and that is not Bartolotta's way.

      The Family Style Tasting menu is not only a way to sample Bartollota's deft touch with fresh seafood, but also done in a very comfortable manner. Instead of dish by dish, they break it into three courses - Salads/Appetizers (about 5-6), Pastas (usually 3), a whole fish as an entree, and Dessert (usually way too many, but that is not necessarily a bad thing). It makes it so much easier to sit back and enjoy.

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        Perfect, thank you!! The family style tasting menu is what we're planning.
        Looking forward to it!