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Feb 24, 2010 09:10 AM

Where to take a 3 year old for dinner??

I live in Darien and I am taking my three year old niece to dinner on Saturday night. I used to take little ones to Mattie's in New Canaan back in the day (not so great food for grown-ups but kids loved the mini rides and games) and now with that long gone, I have no idea where to go. I want a place that is not only kid-friendly but also provides kids with a fun atmosphere (my niece usually doesn't like to sit still and its her birthday so I don't expect her to this once). I dont mind driving out of the area if it means she will have a fun night. We usually go to places that have good food but require her best behavior and this time I want it to be fun for her, so as long as the food is decent, I don't mind going. ANY SUGGESTIONS??

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  1. Maybe Sakura in Westport for Hibachi?

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      If Hibachi works, Shiki in Stamford would be closer. Not sure how it compares, quality wise, with Sakura, but generally, I don't find hibachi places to be primarily about quality, anyway, more about the experience. Kids clearly love it, thought

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        bond grill is decent and trendy in norwalk. great saketinis there.
        Bond Grill Hibachi -250 Westport Avenue, Norwalk - (203) 846-8500

    2. if the 3yr old is well behaved and you bring something for him to do, you can take him anywhere. when our daughter was that age, we ate anywhere from pizza joints to the schoolhouse.

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        just pick a place where your niece is going to have fun. sure some kids have personalities better suited for more adult styled restaurants but what you're trying to do is create a fun evening for both of you, not test her behavioral limits. all kids like pasta. find a place with tableclothes and napkins so she can play grown up and order her a bowl of pasta. if she doesn't like tomato sauce be prepared to order it with butter only.