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Feb 24, 2010 09:04 AM

Fun, non-chain restaurants in Plymouth, MN or near?

Looking for interesting place to eat Thursday night.

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  1. Bahn Thai Cuisine off of 169 and Rockford Rd. Next to Lemongrass, I'd say it's the best Thai in town.

    Tea House Chinese is solid, and bamboo tips are fun.

    Both are in strip malls, but that's Plymouth for you.

    1. i really like Wayzata Eatery in the Lund's parking lot in downtown Wayzata.

      1. Incidentally, this is a region for which we seem to be pretty short. Wherever you go, I would encourage you to write a review.

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          can i chime in here? i think we should celebrate our new msp board and get some great reviewing of restaurants in the surrounding area going on. new posters with knowledge of suburban restaurants strongly encouraged to contribute!!!

          i myself. . . uh. . . need to get out of minneapolis more in order to have anything worthwhile to say. i'm gonna work on that. but there is a lot of growth of new restaurants in the whole area and it would be so great to get discussion about the suburbs going!

        2. I just went to a small Sushi place in Plymouth. The name is 'Sushi of Tokyo' .. I wouldnt call this place fun, cos it's a pretty small restaurant in a strip mall. They serve decent and inexpensive sushi .. mostly rolls. I like their spicy rolls cos it's refreshingly spicy. :


          The little problem that I found though is that the rolls that they make are pretty similar to rolls that we can get at Lunds and Byerly's. It's pretty understandable since the Sushi chef there used to work at Byerly's sometimes back.