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Feb 24, 2010 08:53 AM

Buying Short Ribs in Manhattan

I can usually get short ribs in my Pelham Bay Park grocery store, but they are the small square ones with one piece of bone and almos no meat. Not sure of short rib names but i'm looking for the long strips, off the bone, the kind you slice after you braise. Any suggestions of where i can get these in Manhattan?

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  1. whole foods should have them. possibly citarella. if not we normally get ours from fresh direct.

    1. I buy 'em at Ottomanelli in W Village. Meaty, tasty and they come in long sizes and they will cut 'em for you any which way you like.

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        That's exactly what I do too! Love that place.

      2. Ottomanelli's in the village has generally excellent meat. Fairway is OK. If you get out of the city, check out Stew Leonard's for above average supermarket meat. I often get excellent meat from my local Jubilee Market believe it or not.

        1. Costco!!! Theu ONLY sell them off the bone which I don't like cause I love knawing on the bone!

          1. What about your local butcher? These local experts should always be the route to go when you have special meat requests. Who would you trust more - they guy who's been cutting up meat for this entire life and serving the community or some grocery chain that turns over their meat department staff as quickly as their hamburger meat? And your local butcher probably has better product too! Enjoy!