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Feb 24, 2010 08:38 AM

Late night eating after the ballet

Suggestions please on where to eat after seeing a great dance performance at the Mahalia Jackson theater on S. Rampart--nearby, but not in the French Quarter, perhaps on Esplanade? or near City Park? It's such a bummer to leave a great event and not have a good place for a late night light supper and glass of wine. Help me please!

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  1. How late is late night? I can't think of anything that's open truly late. It seems like most places close at about 10:00. What about Lola, Cafe Degas, Ralph's on the Park? Or something a further down on Carrollton like Venezia, Cafe Minh, or Little Tokyo? Crescent City Sausage & Pie on Banks has nice small plates and wine. None of these last places is really nearby though. It's in the Quarter mostly but Meauxbar Bistro on N. Rampart is good. (The theatre is actually on North Rampart rather than South, sorry to nitpick!)

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      I don't think any of these places will be open post-performance. OP would probably have better luck in the CBD/Warehouse District--Domenica, Luke, Rambla, Cochon Butcher, which I think are all open until 11, atleast.

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        She didn't ask about that area so I didn't suggest anything there.

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          Probably about the only area for late-night dining; always has struck me as odd that NOLA has so little.

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            The options have dropped off drastically since Katrina, don't you think? But Clover Grill is still 24 hours, as is La Paniche and Buffa's (hey, that's on Esplanade! OP should go there). Mimi's IT Marigny serving tapas late is nice, but not if you're not in a bar mood.

            Lola's seems to stay open for patrons fairly late, but I'm sure you couldn't walk in at 11:00.

            Squeal is open real late but that's not what OP is looking for and also pretty far removed.

            On St. Charles, Trolley Stop is open 24 hours Thursday - Sunday, and St. Charles Tavern is 24. But again, not really ideal post-theatre dining.

            I'm sure there are others. I'd start a new thread but late night dining threads never seem to see much action around here.

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              Wish someone in safe walking distance from the theater would stay open late, with small plates and good wine and cocktails, on events nights at least. If the food were good, they'd do quite well, I think.

              I've been frustrated so often trying to get a late-ish meal in this city.

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                The Delachaise offshoot on Rampart should do post-theatre wine and small plates. Although I think some people would debate the safety of the walk.

                1. re: uptownlibrarian

                  Bar Tonique. didnt know they had food?

                  it's a safe walk; the quarter side of rampart is well lit and there are half a dozen bars & restaurants en route.

      2. re: uptownlibrarian

        Your right about N not S Rampart. And I am happy to see so many replies...It seems as if there are not too many choices out there. But these are some good ideas. Thanks

      3. this is the park on N. Rampart, right?

        dunno what time you get out, but Meaux Bar Bistro is just across the street. nice little place, have had countless glasses of wine (and some nice meals) at the bar.

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          Whatever happened to Wolfe's (old Peristyle)?

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            The issue is time. I like Meauxbar too, but it's never been open when I've gotten out of various events. Is Wolfe's reopened? In its former incarnation(s) it wasn't open late. Few places seem willing to take diners after 10 ( and I realize its a personnel issue for them).

            I didn't realize Delachaise had a Rampart offshoot, UL. I'll have to check it out.

            1. re: nomadchowwoman

              It's called Bar Tonique. I was there a few times during the fall of 2008 after they opened, but haven't been back. As far as I know they don't serve food.

              Delachaise would be a good option for the OP though.