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Suggestions for 7 College Kids in MTL

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Hey Chowhounders,
Me and 7 friends are going to Montreal for spring break and we are looking for food suggestions, bar suggestions and club suggestions. Obviously cheaper is better for us but we are willing to splurge if the food is worth it. I know about Joe Beef, and Shwartz's but other than that I am pretty uninformed. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. GO CANADIENS!

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  1. I'd recommend Steak-Frites St. Paul.
    It can accomodate groups, the atmosphere is pretty fun and laid back and there's a bunch of them across the island. The food is solid and well prepared, not going to blow you away, but for under $20 you can get a steak, all-you-can-eat fries, and as much wine/beer as you want (it's BYOB), which is just about the perfect recipe for a group of college kids.


    1. bars:
      brutopia on cresecent, one of the local bars that makes their own brew and very good as well.
      mckibbons on bishop
      peel pub on peel for the typical college student cheap alcohol vibe

      the one i like going to is a side/bside, admission is free and good music.
      other ones that are worth checking out is club 747, and tokyo. try to get onto the guest list on any of the clubs, just google montreal clubs and there will be a few pages that allow you to sign up for guest lists, either avoiding line ups or cover charges.

      1. If you're into pizza then Pizzeria Napoletana could do it as it's boisterous, byow and not very expensive. Plus you'll get a taste of Little Italy.

        1. When I was in college, I loved going to L'Express on rue st. denis...not expensive..and really great French bistro food...I recommend the steak and frites. Plus they have great wine by the glass.
          Just be careful the signs on the floor...so as your walking pay close attention! Hope you have a great time, I miss MTL.

          1. Bars: You must go to Le Distillerie on either Ontario or Mont Royal. Awesome drinks in mammoth portions. Get there early, it fills up fast.

            For clubs, it REALLY depends on what you want. If you want red ropes and thick necked bouncers with top 40, many places on St. Laurent near Prince Arthur should fit your bill. If you want anything special, ranging from new wave to punk to electro to drum and bass, there are places for that too. Tell me what you want and I'll tell you a good place.

            1. for electro go to blue dog
              monday a side
              80s tuesday nights at cafe campus i think pitchers are 6 dollars very young mostly french crowd
              wednesday go to benelux bar
              thursday tokyo or suco

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                Yes, a VERY young crowd at Cafe Campus.

                For cheap drinks before the club, hit up Bistro de Paris (4536 Rue Saint-Denis). It's not really a bistro, of course. Get the house beer. Also, you could check out Bily Kun (354 avenue Du Mont-Royal Est). If it's full, just take your pick of what's around there. Your options aren't really limited in Montreal =D

              2. Light ultra club if you want the rich, preppy, Yuppish crowd.
                Dieu du Ciel! for the best beer in Montreal.
                Au Pied de cochon for a pricy(but decently priced) high quality meal.
                Maybe some traditional Quebec fair at Paul Patate?