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Feb 24, 2010 07:53 AM

Down Town Vegas dining...

My boyfriend and I will be headed to Vegas next week..Staying on the strip but would like to do a day/night in good ol' downtown vegas...any ideas for the evening...dinner, drinks, music...
I need ideas. We like to try and grab an old school vegas evening...

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  1. There is nothing old school about Downtown Las Vegas. There is reason why the hotels there are struggling. If you're looking for live music with dinner, you're out of luck. The only places I know of that have live music are some off the Strip pubs and bars. Outside of Hugo's Cellar (previous posts state that it is not as good as it use to be), and the steakhouses at the Golden Nugget and Binions and perhaps the Charthouse at the Golden Nugget and Triple George, there is really no other "fine dining" Downtown.

    1. Have to agree with Eric in that there is just not anything all that special about the Downtown area these days, but if you do want to make that part of your trip there is a sleeper that has been around for a long time and continues to get almost no play from this board (or any others) - the Second Street Grill at the Fremont. Part of why it gets little attention is the name, which is not appropriate at all - it is actually fine dining with a Pacific Rim flair (like the California a block alway, also Boyd-owned, they do cater to a lot of visitors from Hawaii). A recent nostalgia trip a few weeks ago showed that they can still play the game, with a wok-seared whole snapper with fresh ginger and cilantro not at all what someone would expect when walking into the Fremont. And nothing wrong with drinks and small bites at Firefly's new downtown branch at the Plaza, with a view of the Fremont street lights.

        1. we always stay at the Wynn and schlep down to downtown LV for breakfast at Binion's for the best $4.99 huge ham and eggs breakfast..then we get our .99 cent shrimp cocktails.
          Hugo's cellar is usually good but its been awhile..
          There is a noodle house at the Golden Nugget that is pretty good.
          Maybe you might want to hit up the Peppermill for old school vegas drinking and dining.

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            Binions no longer offers the $4.99 ham and eggs or a 99 cent shrimp cocktail. They uped the prices and reduced the selection on the coffee shop menu and then shut the coffee shop down.

            1. re: Eric

              When did this happen Eric?
              Haven't been to Vegas in a year and I've been going to Binion's for the ham steak breakfast with Moneta since I was a child..a long time!
              Sorry to hear about that!

                1. re: shamu613

                  please don't tell me that Priscilla the icon of the cocktail waitresses of Binion's for many years is gone too?

                  1. re: Beach Chick

                    The hotel rooms, the deli by the poker room and the coffee shop all closed in mid December.

          2. DH and I are big fans of Downtown. We stayed at the Golden Nugget most recently in September 2009. Hugo's was wonderful. The food has great and the martini's are the best in Vegas, IMHO. It is a great place to go old school. I broke out the beaded evening gown for our date.
            Firefly at the Plaza has lovely tapas and sangria. I had a night out there with a girl friend and went back the next night with DH. The last night of our stay we ate at the new sushi place(Red Sushi) at the Golden Nugget. Food and service were above our expectations. Sushi is something we always look forward to in Vegas. We have talked often about that meal.
            There is a lounge at the Golden Nugget that has live music. It is called Rush. We enjoyed it. Also, Gold Diggers is a dance club with a DJ that overlooks Freemont Street,
            I know people are critical here of downtown but I have enjoyed it. I love the pool at GN.
            Hope you have a great time.