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Feb 24, 2010 07:48 AM

FRANK reviews?

Any chowhounds been to the restaurant at the AGO? I'm thinking this might be a good option for an upcoming night out.

The occasion is a birthday celebration and we want a room with a great view with our delicious food. (Also considering Globe and Table 17.)


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  1. Plenty of reviews:

    Though I don't know if Frank has a room per-se. They have spaces in which you could have a more private shin-dig, but it's not fully enclosed. I guess it depends on the number of peeps you'll have.

    Globe is nice too, they have nice spaces and a room you could take up if you have the right number.

    Table 17 is okay, but I find Globe and Frank to have better food. The latter I've been only for brunch, but the execution on stuff is solid.