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Feb 24, 2010 07:44 AM

Solo dining- Providence

Will be in Providence for business, one night during the week. Staying at the Hilton, looking for a good spot for a solo dinner in either walking distance or short cab ride away (and where it would be easy/safe to get a cab back to the hotel- I am a woman and don't want to be in an unfamiliar place without safe transportation). I'm on an expense account but nothing overly pricey. Would love to try Bacaro, but is it too romantic? Any cuisine except for Indian is fine. Thanks!

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  1. You could easily walk to Bravo for American/French Bistro food with a beautiful interior for mid-priced good food. For better food but pricey (i.e. $30 entree) Gracies is gorgeous and serves excellent upscale American food. Local 121 is also nearbye, again a beautiful interior, mid-priced, food a bit hit and miss according to this board. A neighborhood bistro I love for its informal but clean vibe is Broadway Bistro. Might want to take a cab ride here, though.

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      All good recs. I like Broadway Bistro, too, and it may make the best choice for a solo, but the cab thing might be an issue. Yes, it's a straight shot out Broadway from the hotel, but then you have to get back, which means calling for a cab. This isn't NYC, where you can hail a cab in the street. And it's a longish walk back, which I'm not sure I'd recommend after dark for a solo woman (no, it's not "unsafe", I know, before the West-siders pile on, but it's just fairly deserted most of the way.)

      To the OP, I'd stick with the walkable recommendations -- there are very good choices close to the hotel.

    2. I'd take a taxi to is excellent and I don't find it overly romantic. It has a nice bar if you'd prefer to sit there.

      1. Walking distance from the Hilton is Gracies which has a bar where you can eat. Its the type of place which has different multi course dinners. But they have a very affordable $30 three course dinner and right next door is Tini A small but very flavorful food most are small plates. Forget Shulas Steak House at the Hilton. Its just steak.

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          For authentic Italian food which is not pricey at all, and great for a solo diner, there's also ANGELO'S on Atwells Ave - a very short walk from the hotel. The prices are very reasonable, the atmosphere is comfortable and very casual, and the food is very good, very authentic and unpretentious.

        2. Providence is a terrific restaurant city; more importantly, (I have travelled alone extensively), I have found that any restaurant will call a cab for you, and do not have to wait on the street or try to hail a cab on the street. I have never been in a city, even in Europe where a restaurant does not provide that service. So, these recommendations are all great, but, just remember, if you go outside your comfort zone in terms of walking, getting a cab home should not be an issue. And enjoy our restaurants, too.

          1. Sitting at the bar at Bacaro would be fine - but it will be as expensive at Gracie's and I think the Gracie's vibe will be better (and the food is simply the best) the bartender will definitely be conversational if you desire. Do not miss the gnocci if you go.