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Feb 24, 2010 07:44 AM

St. Patty's Day Week in the Big Easy

I will be headed to New Orleans with several girlfriends the week of St. Patty's Day...I need recommendations for fun places to party at on St. Patty's Day...Any Fix Prie menus or recession deals or happy hours that people can recommend?
Several of the girls have never been there and i havent been there since prior to Hurricane Katrina...Help!

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  1. Sadly, many of teh Great Old Places are gone and I hang out with an Irish Club that does its own deal but I can say that Parasol's still does its Green Beer Bash and no doubt youngeer revellers willhave some ideas as to what is flourishing

    1. On St Patrick's day itself the party to go to is at Parasol's. They block off the area and it's one big street party.

      1. I hope you're planning to come before the 17th, as most of the St. Patrick's events take place over the weekend before the actual day. Friday the 12th is Jim Monaghan's French Quarter parade and Saturday the 13th is the big,long Irish Channel parade down Magazine Street.

        I don't know of any particular St. Patrick's Day specials, but it might help to know what kind of food and what price range you're thinking of. There are lots of prix fixe lunch specials at higher-end restaurants, and Luke has an especially good happy hour starting at 3:00 with half price cocktails and 25 cent oysters.

        There are plenty of cheap and mid-range restaurants on the Magazine St. parade route, and tons of bars that may have drink specials but are pretty cheap to begin with. If you will indeed be in town for the parade on the 13th, check out the stretch of Magazine Street between Louisiana Avenue and roughly Sixth Street for bars, restaurants, and parade enjoyment. There's a really good concentration of options in that area. Of course all will be busy.

        For St. Patrick's Day itself, there is an all day block party that takes place at/around Parasol's Bar, which is in the Irish Channel at Constance and 3rd Streets. Parasol's does serve good poboys, but it is an absolute madhouse at this time of year and I wouldn't necessarily count on getting food there.

        1. Check out Erin Rose on Conti, just off Bourbon.