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Feb 24, 2010 06:52 AM

Turtle, alligator, nutria meat in New Orleans-- 9th ward

Hello--- I am looking for a market, store, person, etc. selling wild game in New Orleans. Specifically the 9th ward, but I might not be able to be picky. Does anyone have any ideas? I've already heard of seafood Frank, but he is very, very busy at the moment and doesn't have anything. Any direction would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. dunno his name but there is a person who hands out xeroxed fliers for his stuff, and he was practically every game species imaginable. dunno if its legal but ive seen these fliers for a couple of years.

    1. If you take the St. Claude bridge from the Lower 9 to the Upper 9 and you're stuck at the light, you'll look over to the right and see a sign for Cowan turtle on one of the shotguns right there. That's all I know.

      Have you thought of looking farther out? You might have some luck in St. Bernard or Plaquemines or lower Jeff parish.

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        I passed by the house today, its on St. Claude tucked under the onramp on the north side of the bridge.

        The sign read Coons Common Snapper Turtles and the number was 504-292-7831

      2. Though you probably already know this, it isn't legal to sell wild game for food. So you aren't going to find it at a market or store....any turtle sold in stores or at farmers' markets is farm-raised; same goes for venison, duck, alligator, etc.. Wild-harvested game doesn't go through the USDA inspection process, so it can't be sold commercially. I understand that some farm-raised nutria is available, but I haven't ever seen it at the retail level.

        1. You could try Chef Louis Brown at Oceana Grill - a few weeks ago Food Network filmed a segment there of Chef cooking nutria (he marinated the critters in citrus, first)

          You might ask Chef where he got the meat. # at Oceana is 504.525.6002.

          (If that falls through, you could always come to Bayou St John and trap 'em :)

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          1. re: AnneBerryWrites

            Wow...nutria? As in, to eat? Seriously?

            I think I'll pass.

            1. re: txgirl

              One of nutria's proponents said "It accepts seasoning well." For my part, they are worth shootin' but not eatin'

              1. re: hazelhurst

                strangely enough, my brother emailed me earlier today...someone emailed him looking for nutria. he dug up a supplier in Philadelphia, of all places, who could provide re-saleable, USDA inspected nutria. go figure....

          2. This doesn't help you, but I saw a special on TV the other day about a restaurants which have since closed from way before my time. There was one called T Pittari's, where they served all kinds of wild game, even elephant. I ran a search and found this, which included some old menu items and recipes


            Thought some on the board might appreciate it.