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Feb 24, 2010 06:37 AM

Ginger Scallion Lo Mein

While we're on the subject of Chinese noodles... who does the best ginger-scallion lo mein? Grand Chau Chow used to be my go-to place for this dish, but they're gone, and when I ordered it at Chau Chow City, it just didn't seem as good (or else I'm just remembering it as better than it was).

I tried it at Qingdao Garden based on a tepid recommendation on this board and it was awful (to be fair, the rec was something along the lines of "The ginger-scallion lo mein is not one of the specialties, but it's OK.").

So who has the best version of this?

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  1. not sure whether this is helpful or not, but if you like ginger scallion lo mein, you might try ordering some lo mein (or other noodle, i prefer panfried personally) at Hong Kong Eatery and asking for a small dish of their ginger-scallion relish which they usually provide with side orders of cold soy sauce chicken. then you can season to taste.

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      What else is good at Hong Kong Eatery, ironically me and some co-workers were headed there today for the first time.

      1. re: NahantNative

        crispy roast pork (request center cut if they have it), spicy salt (dry fried) fish filet, pan fried noodles of any type, chicken w/ soft tofu and dried fish, beef short rib w/ black pepper sauce (a bit sinewy sometimes), salt & pepper pork chops; their soup noodle bowls topped w/ choice of roast duck, cha siu, crispy pork, beef stew etc are also popular as is their congee

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          HKE actually does a decent version of G-S LM, so there's no need to "roll your own". I was wondering if there were any better places to check out.

          When I used to work near Chinatown, I would usually get lo mein or chow foon at HKE. My co-workers often got some sort of steak dish over rice... a pepper steak, perhaps?

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          their wonton noodle soup is good, so are the claypot dishes like the eggplant and salted fish.

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          Ginger scallion lo mein is different from the ginger scallion offered as a side dish to chicken. Usually the noodles are mixed or stir fried with big slices of ginger and also strips of scallion, and then perhaps some oyster sauce. You should enjoy a good scallion taste, with hints of ginger, and the oyster sauce.

          The ginger scallion sauce used as a dip for chicken is usually heated oil, minced ginger and scallion mixed in (slightly cooking it) and then lots of salt, and has fairly different taste to the noodles.

          I agree with HK Eatery being a good option. This is a pretty common Cantonese dish, the type of food that HK does quite well. You might also try Great Taste, though I haven't had the dish there before.

        4. Well I'm not much of an aficionado of Ginger scallion lo mein but i had a great plate of it at a new place in Watertown called Wonder Cafe. Nice little bright orange place. The ginger was strong and the scallions were nicely cooked, not too mushy with a nice semi crunch. I personally enjoyed it.

          Maybe it'll be a good new place to try for some ginger scallion lo mein if your in Watertown.

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            Gosh I was in that neighborhood just the other day and did not even notice the place. Menu looks pretty promising.

            What's with the awesome Chinese places opening up in Boston seemingly every week?


            Might have to hit this place.