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Feb 24, 2010 06:12 AM

Halifax, NS - Best restaurant for a corporate cocktail party

I have read through as many of the restaurant recommendations as I can, but still am having trouble determining the best place to host a corporate cocktail reception. As i don't live in Halifax, it is hard to know the 'feel/style' of most of these restaurants, so I am hoping you can help.

We are looking looking for a nice restaurant (it does not have to be the most expensive) to host 35-45 people for a stand-up cocktail reception with served hors d'oeuvres. A private room (depending on the layout) may be a bonus, but is not a requirement. This is going to be a 'casual' event, so no presentation/speech/etc, therefore the atmosphere should be relaxed and provide an opportunity for 35-45 people to mingle.

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I would coAnsider Morris East. It has a great location and I attended a private function there that was relaxed, fun, elegant and the food and drinks as well as service was wonderful. As well; Janes On The Common would be a great space as the seating (lots of benches) would be a very warm way to host a relaxed cocktail party.

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      I don't think either of those places would be a good choice. Parking is atrocious at either and a corporate event implies people arriving by car. Also, the entire place would need to be shut down for the event. I would suggest Bish or one of the hotels -- the Marriott Harbourfront has a nice section that is elevated and separate from the rest of their restaurant that might be a god choice.

      1. re: Greg B

        Thanks for the replies. I checked with Bish, don't seem to do these types of events (cocktail parties) very often - the private room is 'boardroom style' so won't work.

        We are trying to avoid hotels, looking for something a bit more 'hip' and upscale.

        I have made a reservation for Mosaic, which seems like a nice spot and has a lounge area that we can use that won't interfere with their dinner service...We'll see how it goes.

        1. re: daveemo

          Hi Daveemo. I'm also planning an similar event in Halifax - but I'm in Toronto. How did that venue work out?

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            try Brussels it is downtown and great for events

            1. re: tempranillo44

              I work at Inn on the Lake, in Fall River, We're only 15 minutes from downtown and corporate functions are one of our specialties. Bonus: ample FREE parking for those attending events on our premises! If you need any info, I'd be glad to help, just call me at 902-861-3480 (Susan Madden)